Samsung Plus XM Equals Podcasts

    July 26, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Korean electronics giant Samsung will make two portable mp3 players that can carry XM Satellite Radio content.

The two companies disclosed their strategic alliance today, as Samsung will create a couple of flash-memory media players equipped with XM’s Connect and Play technology. This will let users store and carry XM content, as well as music and other audio media, on the players.

However, the devices must be docked, either in the home or in a car, to receive XM satellite broadcasts. The players do not pickup XM Radio directly. That limitation might restrict some of the device’s potential appeal.

The portability of XM content seems to be similar to podcasts. Like a podcast, XM content would be downloaded to a player for replay at the user’s convenience. Capacities for the two players have not been announced yet, though speculation hints at 512 MB and 1 GB capacities.

XM provides its satellite radio service on a subscription basis in the United States, and has plans to expand into Canada. The company claims 4 million subscribers.

A recent article in SmartMoney magazine gives XM a nod over competitor Sirius for those who may consider investing in satellite radio stock, as Sirius has to pay expensive fees for its exclusive NFL content as well as the pending debut of the self-proclaimed “King of all Media,” Howard Stern, in January.

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