Samsung Announces Worlds Largest HDTV TFT-LCD

    March 7, 2005

At a startling 82 inches, Samsung has announced the world’s largest thin film transistor (TFT), high-definition LCD display.

To better understand the technology involved, a description of TFT provided by a North Dakota State student should clarify some confusion, “a TFT display uses a thin film transistor matrix, with one transistor at each pixel TFT AMLCDs do nothing more than modify an image from a backlight, so they are useful in projection systems as well as direct-view systems. This allows computer manufacturers to give the LCD display a dual purpose, as a conventional laptop display, and as an overlay for overhead projectors.”

With Samsung’s new release, those who are pursuing a large TFT-LCD now have an 82″ monitor to whet their appetite. According to Samsung, the 82 monitor offers the following capabilities:

  • Super Patterned-ITO Vertical Alignment (S-PVA) technology to achieve extra-wide viewing angles.
  • Low-dispersion color filter and ultra high aperture ratio, achieving a contrast ratio of at least 1200:1 and brightness of 600nit (cd/m2)
  • Response times are at 8ms or faster, providing clear moving picture images
  • High-color-saturation backlight raises color saturation to 92% to produce a premium image quality.
  • Sang Soo Kim, Senior Vice President and Head of the LCD Development Center, states, “Our 82-inch LCD panel proves Samsung Electronics’ technological leadership. It uses our proprietary S-PVA technology, eliminating distortion from all angles and offers a 180-degree viewing angle. With this panel, we have achieved the world’s best performance in terms of contrast ratio, viewing angle and color saturation.”

    Mass production is expected to begin towards the end of March, 2005, with Samsung planning to unveil its 82-inch TFT-LCD at CeBIT 2005, which opens in Hannover, Germany on March 10.

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