Samsung Announces New Windows 8 Tablets, Phone

By: Sean Patterson - August 29, 2012

It’s been a big day of announcements for Samsung. In addition to the debut of its all-in-one PCs and the bizarre, but oddly compelling Galaxy Camera, Samsung used the IFA trade show in Berlin today to announce its new lineup of Windows 8 products. The products include two different “Smart PCs”, a tablet, and a phone. They now make up Samsung’s new “ATIV” branded Windows 8 products.

“Samsung is a highly valued partner and it’s great to see this investment in a global brand for its Windows-based Smart PCs, tablets, and phones,” said Nick Parker, corporate vice president for OEM at Microsoft. “This gives us an increased opportunity to inspire our customers with excitement and confidence as they enjoy Windows experiences across their beautiful Samsung devices, including entertainment scenarios, mobile productivity and cloud services.”

The ATIV Smart PC and ATIV Smart PC Pro are Samsung’s answer to Microsoft’s Surface device that was announced back in June. The Smart PCs will combine the form factor of a tablet with the clamshell design of a laptop. The devices come with a detachable keyboard that the screen/tablet can be docked in. They feature 10-finger multitouch support, 11.6-inch screens, and, of course, come with an S-Pen stylus. The ATIV Smart PC Pro features an Intel i5 processor, while the non-Pro version has an Intel Atom processor. As a consequence, the announced battery life of the Pro is far less than the non-Pro ATIV Smart PC.

The ATIV Tab tablet (seen above) is almost exactly what you would expect from a Samsung tablet. In fact, with its 10.1-inch screen, it resembles a black version of the Galaxy Note 10.1 at bit, only with Windows RT running on it. At 570 grams, it even weighs a bit less than the Galaxy Note 10.1.

Samsung’s ATIV S smartphone has a form factor that is similar to a different Samsung Android product, this time the Galaxy S III. The screen, at 4.8-inches,is the same size as the one on the Galaxy S III, and is most likely the exact same one found on Samsung’s flagship Android smartphone. The phone will have HSPA+ capabilities, a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, and will run Windows Phone 8.

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  • barbara smith

    Oh, boy. This might just be the device for me. I would think it’d be seamless with your computer’s new Windows 8 (until, of course, they change something else). I wonder if it will work with AT&T’s 4G LTE; I don’t want to change carriers. My salon work is super high-tech with this; very impressive to my clients.

    • lynda

      it really is amazing. I have the same set-up you have (4G LTE w/ AT&T in Dallas) and with this tablet it would be much more seamless to then put W8 on my laptop. I might be tempted to confuse the two, though! As a graphics designer this just seems more intuitive to me: PICTURES! Ha!

  • HayJay

    The fact that Windows 8 took away the START button — that I use everyday — really irks me. However, I’ve could get used to that interface; it’s beautiful. I’m a graphics designer and graphics are faster, simpler. I’ll get this phone, put it on my 4G LTE network (also with AT&T, by the way, in San Francisco) and roll along happily.