Sally Struthers Trial Date Set For DUI


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Shortly after midnight on September 12, 2012, Sally Struthers was charged with operating a vehicle under the influence. The actress was stopped in the downtown square of Ogunquit, Main, where she was performing in “9 to 5”.

Sally Struthers, a two time Emmy winner, is most recognized as Gloria from the 1970's long running series, “All in the Family”
The charge states Struthers, "did fail to submit to a test at the request of the law enforcement officer." This is a claim that Struthers and her attorney John Scott Webb dispute.

"The defendant was induced to refuse to submit to a chemical test based on erroneous information provided by the law enforcement officer," Webb said in the motion. He also said the arresting officer was without probable cause to believe she was operating under the influence.

If convicted of driving under the influence, the penalty for first-time offenders isn’t overly strict. She currently faces a $400 fine and a 90-day suspension of her license. She likely won’t spend any time behind bars. Although the arresting officer insists she was intoxicated at the time, Struthers has denied the allegations several times following the incident.

There was no ruling on the motion in the court record.

Neither Webb, nor Assistant District Attorney John Connelly, who is prosecuting the case, could be reached for comment on Friday.