Sally Struthers Pleads Not Guilty To OUI, Trial Set

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Sally Struthers has reportedly pleaded not guilty to an OUI charge stemming from an arrest last September in Maine, and a trial has been set for next month.

66-year old Struthers, who rose to fame as Gloria on the '70s sitcom "All In The Family", was pulled over in Ogunquit last fall on suspicion of driving under the influence and was arrested. After putting up the $160 bail, she was released and put out a statement via her rep. Now, she faces a hefty fine and a license suspension. It's unlikely she'll see any jail time.

"Sally is working and she is fine and she loves The Ogunquit Playhouse and her yearly time in Ogunquit. We deny these charges," the statement said.

Struthers' attorneys say that the arresting officer had no probable cause to suspect she had been drinking and that she didn't submit to a sobriety test because she was led to believe she didn't have to.

“The defendant was induced to refuse to submit to a chemical test based on erroneous information provided by the law enforcement officer,” attorney John Scott Webb said in the motion. He also said the arresting officer was without probable cause to believe she was operating under the influence.

The actress was working at the Ogunquit Playhouse at the time in a production of "9 To 5", which was also a popular film starring Dolly Parton and Dabney Coleman. Most recently, she appeared in "Hollywood Musical" and will also appear in "Waiting In The Wings: The Musical".

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