Sally Struthers Arrest: Actress Gets An OUI

    September 13, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Sally Struthers, who made her name in the ’70s doing voice work and portraying Gloria Bunker on “All In The Family”, was arrested in Maine late last night for an OUI, or “operating under the influence”.

Struthers posted the $160 bail shortly after the arrest and was set free, but she will face an arraignment on December 14th, where she could face a fine and/or a three-month suspension of her license.

The actress, who was in town doing the stage version of “9 to 5″, is the latest in a long line of celebrities who can’t seem to keep their driving habits under control, including Amanda Bynes, who is reportedly careening around L.A. on a suspended license probably as I type this. However, this is Struthers’ first offense, and she will undoubtedly not face any jail time.

  • http://leo.gosselin@yahoo.com leo gosselin

    l,m sure she was not that bad. No one got hurt ,so maybe she learned a good lesson

  • js

    “Only her first offense, no one got hurt”
    What if she happened to kill or maime several people, would we still want to say “it is only her first offense”.
    I believe that our entire population feel like “I have not been caught,,, YET,,, so “IF I AM CAUGHT, IT WILL BE MY FIRST OFFENSE AND THEY WILL DISMISS OR GO EASY ON ME”.
    There are probably 10 million (my estimate,1 of 30) drivers that are rationalizing their continued drunk driving.
    We need to stop this inept mental attitude and crack down on all drunk drivers,,, before they kill one of my kids or grandchildren.

    • Sharon

      You’re reading more into than there is. No where does it say she was drunk. She may have smoked a joint or may have taken prescription medication.

    • bolton

      If she would have been in Texas, she would have gone to jail, got 6 mos. or 360 hrs. community service + probation for a year, which includes AAA classes, drug class and paying a probation officer mtly dues + 1000.00 a yr for 3 yrs (3000.00) to keep your license in order to drive. Then have it still on your police record. She got e a s y……..

      • Steve Barnard

        Good for Texas!! If we had consequences like that in Michigan my son might not have to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair with a C-4/5 spinal injury, and the drunk driver of the car he was a passenger in might still be alive.

  • rick

    Boy shes sure turned into a porker.How come they dont have a booking picture of her like they did of Mel Gibson, Nick Nolte or that guy on 30 Rock.

  • Mark

    Favoritism of those in the entertainment industry is wrong. Why couldn’t she have someone else (chauffeur) her around if she was going to be drinking. This is idiotic. Throw her butt in jail and keep it there. I’m tired of drunks skating, while they could have injured someone else.

  • http://att.net Q

    JS is right, a friend of mine has a son hit by drunk driver,5 dui’s no license no insurance because he was still driving that boy lost a leg and the driver didn’t even stop so I guess its ok till you maime or kill someone !

    • Head Bovine

      Yes I’m sure they were and that is tragic. But why isn’t the much, much, much larger problem of selfish idiot drivers that are sober but cause more death and destruction than the drunks ever addressed? Since it doesn’t come out of the idiot box so no one pays any attention to it. You and everyone else like you believes what you are told on the T.V. set and nothing else. Not just on this subject but your entire existence. If it comes from the talking heads it’s true and if not it doesn’t exist. Cattle you all are, simply cattle.

  • Greg

    Man, she was so hot before she ate herself.

  • Mary Curbow

    I live in Texas and if you’ve got alot of money, and you’re NOT a celebrity or politician, it doesn’t matter how many DWIs you get!!!

  • Marcie

    Just because a person is a celebrity they shouldn’t get special treatment. She needs to pay just like anyone else. I hope she gets the help she needs and she obviously needs it!

    • http://Yahoo Tom

      I have no problem with arresting a person who is intoxicated and driving.I HAVE a problem with the law and the Low point system they’ve got it down to and if you drink a (one) glass of wine with a meal they can still give you a ticket for Under the influence,UWI.Sorry,I don’t think this person has a problem because she got a UWI.You could have a medicine your taking that has alcohol and your under the influence.The Law has gone to far but they’re making money………

  • http://yahoo Mike Crowley

    crum (author) Please just give your reader the facts…not your bias opinions along with your news item… news people are to give readers the right facts only. MC

  • david

    If this country cared about drunks driving they wouldn’t sell the dangerous drug alcohol on every corner and sports stadium around. You can’t build a sports stadium without selling alcohol. Folks won’t stand for sober! You have drive up windows to buy it all over so you don’t even have to stagger into a store. All folks have to say is they are a vet or have a dependent at home to take care of, or give the court and lawyers money and they won’t get punished much for DUIs. It’s a game for most folks and very lucrative for states. Here judges have actually hurt folks while driving DUI and they stay on the bench ruling on those kinds of cases.

    • http://www.alarmingsigns.com/ Sellina Alarming

      It’s all about the money. Drunk driving is a huge revenue maker for the state… just like the drug war and countless other “programs”. Really, the government has become nothing but a leech trying to squeeze as much money out of the population as possible.

    • Dave

      You remind me of the current Gestapo in NYC who outlawed suger-laden drinks larger than 16 oz. Government should not regulate these things. If you are stupid enough to buy it, then you suffer the consequences. Same with alcohol, or any other thing that damages your health or puts you at risk. There are thousands of people who drink and DON’T drive so you can’t lump people into one bucket because they have a few drinks. I hate that kind of attitude.

  • http://SallyStruthers Anthony Charles

    So What!

    • El Bastardo

      You say so what, yet it was important enough for you to post a @#$%ing comment.

  • Libby Buck

    Ride Sally Ride!

    • http://Yahoo Tom

      I think this country is becomong a police state.Wear your seat belt,wear a helmet,have a child seat,don’t have a glass of wine and drive.you may not be intoxicated but your under the in fluence…..Da,The states have finally found a way to bring in revenue and say they,re CONCERNED about your safety.REALLY

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  • jb

    And this is news, because?? What? Yahoo couldn’t find anything to say about the Kardashians??

  • jenny

    Someone said she probably wasnt that bad, yet she made a mistake while driving to get a police officers attention. Get real, it doesnt matter if she was impaired or not, if she had a drink she could have caused a serious accident. all she had to do was to take a damm cab, and get to her destination. it was a bad decision all around, who knows maybe she drove under the influence she just never got caught

  • LJF

    Q, js

    The word is ‘maim’, not maime. FYI