Salesforce Launches New Desk.com, Mobile App

    June 17, 2014
    Chris Crum
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Salesforce announced a new version of Desk.com on Tuesday complete with a mobile app, reporting engine, and “intelligent” agent console.

The console can be personalized on a per agent basis to make each more productive, but still honor the rules, workflows, and templates set for the company.

“The new reporting engine of next generation Desk.com provides detailed metrics and invaluable insights into every aspect of customer service performance,” the company says. “These out-of-the-box reporting tools are built for speed and productivity to provide fast-growing companies with deeper insights to resolve customers’ problems. Now a manager can view comprehensive reports to identify real-time trends that fuel decision making and product innovation. In addition, Desk.com now includes 10X more APIs to quickly connect data from other apps to provide a holistic view of the customer and an effortless integration with Salesforce.”

The mobile app obviously gives businesses the ability to manage customer service on the go. Features include the ability to add notes, update statuses, and assign cases.

GM and SVP of Desk.com, Leyla Seka, said, “Awesome customer service is the new competitive advantage. With Desk.com, fast-growing companies now have the right solution to position themselves for growth—addressing their needs now and in the future.”

General availability starts today at $30 per month per agent. The mobile app is available for iPhone and iPad with Android coming in the fall.

Image via Desk.com

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