Salem State Stabbing Suspect Same Guy Arrested 3 Weeks Prior

By: Meaghan Ellis - September 25, 2013

The suspect identified in the stabbing of two victims at Salem State University was actually arrested just three weeks prior to today’s incident. The suspect was arrested for violated Salem’s knife ordinance. While some may not be aware of this particular law, it isn’t uncommon, as numerous cities and outlying areas in the state of Massachusetts have implemented the ordinance or similar practice. The knife ordinance makes detainment or citation permissible for anyone carrying a knife with a blade longer than approximately 2.5 inches.

So in a nutshell, the 25-year-old suspect has a prior history with reckless behavior and endangerment where knives are concerned. According to the Salem Police Department, Timothy G. Wells, of 5 Curtis Road, Woburn, MA is the same male named in the Salem State stabbing incident that occurred today, Salem News reported.

Approximately three weeks prior to today’s incident, Salem police officers noticed a man trespassing on Salem High School property after hours, at approximately 11:30pm. The man jumped the fence to the school’s football field, Bertram Field. Wells was taken into custody for trespassing and violation of the Salem knife ordinance.

Today, Wells, assaulted two people with a knife on a Salem State shuttle bus. The driver and a female student were wounded. The driver made an attempt to assist the wounded student, and incurred a minor chest wound. The student, on the other hand, suffered a laceration to the arm, and was transported to a local hospital for further medical assistance. As a result, the campus was placed on emergency lock-down. However, the lock-down order has since been lifted.

Image via Salem News

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  • Really?

    Well, most everyone in the country has a “history with knives.” Heck, anyone who has ever been to a steakhouse has a history with knives.

    Violence is going to happen as long as there are two people left on the planet. If it is not gun that is used, it will be a knife…. if not a knife, it will be bare hands.

  • Bluejay

    Um, I heard he used a ballpoint pen. Yes, you read correctly, a ballpoint pen. The media enjoys selling panic and disaster to us, and we just lap it up like dogs.