Saints Row IV Gets 'Game of the Generation' Edition, New 'Hail to the Chief' Trailer


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It's pretty clear that Saints Row IV is going to be ridiculous. The previous game in the series provided plenty of juvenile humor and violence, and publisher Deep Silver has been trying its best to capture that feel with over-the-top trailers. The Australian rejection of the game over the "Alien Anal Probe" weapon was probably viewed as free advertising.

This week, Deep Silver and Volition announced that, in addition to parodying Grand Theft Auto-style video games, they will also be parodying the sometimes ridiculous collector's editions offered for games. The "Emperor Zinyak's Game of the Generation Edition" of Saint's Row IV will be available for fans in North America for $130.

The bundle comes with all of the items found in both of the other collector's editions of Saints Row IV. The alternate box art and extra in-game content from the "Commander in Chief" edition of the game in included, as well as the 8-inch Johnny Gat Memorial statue, the Dubstep Doomsday Button, and the foot-long Dubstep Gun replica (complete with laser sight) found in the "Super Dangerous Wub Wub" edition of the game. On top of that, the "Game of the Generation" edition comes with a "Display Case of Everlasting Glory" - a light-up, rotating display case for the game itself. Each display case will have an individually numbered plaque, and only 5,000 of the "Game of the Generation" bundles are being created.

Saints Row IV

In addition to the bundle announcement, the final "Hail to the Chief" trailer was released today. The last in a series of very short trailers, it shows off a weapon called the "Bouncer Rifle."