Sahuaro Principal Arrested for Creaming 16-year-old

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Every dad in the world has run this scenario through their head at least once. Your daughter starts messing around with the bad boy in town, she starts to slip into the occasional misbehavior, starts sneaking out to meet him, since you banned her from seeing him. You catch them in the car out front with the scumbag's hands on your little girl...and you go bananas.

Well, this is how it played out for one dad in Arizona who happens to be the Principal of the local High School.

Christopher Bonn, Principal of Sahuaro in Tucson, Arizona was arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault after hitting a 16-year-old boy, who Bonn knew to be a drug dealer and local nogoodnick. The incident involved Bonn, the boy and Bonn's stepdaughter, as she snuck out of the Bonn home sometime late Sunday night. Bonn waited up until his stepdaughter returned home at 4 a.m. At that point, Bonn saw the two parked in front of the house.

He approached the vehicle, preparing to get his daughter to come inside. That's where the story begins to conflict.

Bonn said when he approached the car, the boy reached for the center console for what Bonn thought might be a gun. The principal pre-emptively punched the boy in the face to prevent him from shooting.

The young man said that Bonn swung the car door open, yelled at him and struck him in the face without being provoked.

Either way, the pictures are gruesome, leading to an investigation and home assignment for Christopher Bonn pending the results.

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