Saga Social Network Targets “Anyone Over 50”

    October 30, 2007

When buying an entry-level vehicle, you’re almost lucky to get a tilt steering wheel.  High-end cars, on the other hand, have tilting and telescoping steering wheels, as well as adjustable pedals.  Similarly, social networks can get tailored to suit the wealthy, and in this case, the wealthy may be a little older than the rest of us.

SAGAZONE Saga Zone, which recently exited a testing and trial mode, is intended for people who are over the age of 50.  These folks aren’t always considered Web-savvy, and in some respects, the site’s design reflects this: a homepage stresses that it’s “free,” “safe,” and “secure,” and doesn’t mess about with graphics or pictures like MySpace or Bebo.

Saga Zone’s forums also have a rather simple layout, but there are a lot of them – 21, not counting subforums or the separately listed recent and popular topics.  Furthermore, several of the subjects grabbed my attention; as a new homeowner, I was tempted to exaggerate my age and register just to see what these folks had to say about lawnmowers.

Saga Zone seems to be practical, then, rather than patronizing.  And there is a precedent for sites of its nature – Eons once succeeded in raising $22 million in funding (though more recently, Eons had to lay off about one-third of its staff).  So if you meet the age requirements, I’d say the social network is definitely worth a look.