Sadie Robertson Needs To Get ‘More Down And Dirty’ To Win On Dancing With The Stars

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Duck Dynasty heir Sadie Robertson has been doing well on the new season of Dancing With The Stars, but she might have to step it up to win the competition. Professional-dancer-turned-judge Julianne Hough told the footloose 17-year-old recently that she would have to get “more down and dirty” to win it all, according to TMZ.

Robertson’s father, Willie Robertson, wholeheartedly disagreed with that advice. When asked what he thought when Hough said it, he replied, “I was thinking she shouldn’t get ‘down and dirty’. Get off the ‘down and dirty’! I’m gonna tell Julianne about that.” He and his wife have been supportive of their daughter by being in the studio audience to cheer her on.

Her strong performance on the show has been impressive, considering that Robertson came from a high school where dancing is strictly forbidden. The administration of Ouachita Christian School in Monroe, Louisiana has imposed a ban on all school dances.

Neither her father nor her school need to worry about her wardrobe choices for the show, though. Robertson reportedly wanted to prove on the show that Christians could have fun. “The key is to be confident in yourself. You don’t have to be sexy if you’re confident because it takes care of itself,” she said. “I think it’s having fun in a good way. I think that Christians are liking it in the same way that everyone is liking it, too.”

Despite Hough’s advice to her, Robertson was thrilled that the judge found her performance of the cha cha with partner Mark Ballas good enough to call her “the complete package”. Ballas told Access Hollywood that his partner was a big fan of Hough’s, and Robertson confirmed that she had been excited and trying to keep her cool while Hough was talking to her.

Judge Bruno Tonioli called her a “duckling no more” and “a bird of paradise” on the dance floor, while Carrie Ann Inaba said to Robertson, “You're a star, honey. You don't even know it yet.”

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