Sadie Robertson Does "Dancing" Modestly

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Sadie Robertson has been one of the most interesting Dancing with the Stars contestants to watch this season.

Her outfits are, so far, surprisingly modest and beautiful and her performances are really great.

Her performance this week with Mark Ballas was a sweet waltz to "Married Life" from the movie Up. You know, the song you cried all the way through as it showcased the life of Carl and Ellie?

Her costume was an adorable yellow vintage dress and was perfect for the part.

Their performance was lovely and ended with Sadie Robertson floating away on the movie's signature mass of balloons. The judges were won over and Robertson and Ballas earned an admirable score of 32.

"So far tonight, that was my favorite dance," said Carrie Ann Inaba.

Bruno Tolioni said, "Totally and utterly charmed."

The dress was most likely daddy-approved by the 17-year-old's father and Duck Dynasty star, Willie Robertson.

Sadie Robertson and her dad have a long, and hilarious, history when it comes to what Sadie wears.

It was likely incidents like this that inspired Sadie Robertson to design her own line of modest prom dresses, even though the school she attended at the time didn't allow dancing and did banquets instead.

Of course, you still need a formal for a banquet.

Sadie Robertson's costume for this week's Dancing with the Stars was even more modest than last week's country outfit.

But, as Ballas said, "It was definitely a little edgier, you can't be soft and sweet every week."

Besides, it must have had the approval of the notoriously conservative family.

"My mom said I did a great job and hugged me, so they're proud of it," Sadie Robertson said.

What do you think of Sadie Robertson's daddy-approved costumes?

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