Russian Schools Consider Switch to Linux

    February 8, 2007

Earlier this week, former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev sent forth a public plea to Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates concerning the prosecution of a Russian man charged with installing pirated copies of Windows on his classroom’s computers.

Microsoft has declined to drop the charges against the teacher, and the move has the county’s educational system reconsidering its choice of operating systems.

Consequently, it looks like Windows is will lose out to Linux in another market.

Of course, you can hardly blame the schools for pursuing alternatives to Windows, given the recent state of affairs. One would think that Microsoft should be going after the people selling the illegal copies of Windows rather than the unsuspecting consumers who were unfortunately duped into purchasing the software.

The fear of prosecution, and subsequent shipment to Siberian prisons, has school officials paralyzed to the point that they no longer even want to deal with Microsoft.

Nick Farrell has more in his article:

Schools in the Perm region will soon quit buying software from commercial companies, said the region