Russian Jams Way To Google Code Win

    October 30, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The Global Code Jam sponsored by Google culminated in New York with a championship round of coding at the search advertising company’s recently-opened offices in the Big Apple.

Petr Mitrichev from Russia received the $10,000 grand prize for programming his way past some 21,000 other coders in the Global Code Jam. This latest model was the fourth Code Jam run by Google since 2005.

No word on whether Mitrichev’s stay in New York included a visit to Central Park West, where a $30 million penthouse reportedly sold to one of Google’s founders, either Sergey Brin or Larry Page.

Ten grand still serves as a nice bonus for doing something you enjoy, so even without a tour of Chez Google @ Central Park the trip looks like a success for Mitrichev.

The Russian came close to the top prize in two of the previous three Google Code Jams. Mitrichev placed third in the Global Code Jam in 2005. He made it to second earlier this year in Google’s Code Jam Europe, missing the top prize by less than 15 points.

Google has not updated their Code Jam site with the latest results yet, and is oddly lacking in any kind of details on previous competitions and the challenges to coders. Maybe Mitrichev came up with something to quickly cull DMCA violations from YouTube in a programmatical way, but it was probably something much less compelling.


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