Russian Court Upholds Ban on Scientology Books

    March 21, 2012
    Mike Fossum
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A Moscow regional court has upheld a lower court decision to ban books regarding Scientology, after it was declared to be extremist literature. The ruling confirms that the publication and distribution of books written from Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard is illegal.

Court spokeswoman Anna Tyurina stated that it was proven to the court’s satisfaction that Scientology promoted the forming isolated groups, prepared to engage in extremist activities in a battle with the rest of the world. In June, Moscow’s Shchelkovsky Court deemed several of Hubbard’s books as being extremist. Scientologists appealed the decision.

Back in 2008, Google took down a video of Tom Cruise evangelizing his beliefs, doing little to actually remove the clip from the Internet:

Google had reportedly buckled under pressure, after receiving a DMCA notice from the church. Hacker group Anonymous loathes the church of Scientology, and had basically established a sort of holy war against the organization, Google bombing said church in 2008.

The ruling by the regional court confirms that Hubbard’s material concerning Scientology is officially on the list of banned extremist media in Russia.

  • Louanne

    No research at all was done before this “article” was written. The case does not deal with Scientology core literature nor Scientology beliefs. The court decided about a couple of management policies and even though it is a complete joke to censor articles on “how to keep your desk neat” the court did not look into Scientology at all.

    • Will-o-the-wisp

      Louanne – Russia does not want it’s citizens being duped into paying large sums of money to find out they have Alien Spirits clinging to their bodies. You can understand that right? I truly feel sad for those who believe that silly nonsense. Louanne, ask yourself – Am I really any different then those who believed in “Heaven’s Gate”, David Koresh, and Waco” and “Jim Jones and the Guyana Tragedy”. You are no different.

  • http://www.scientologymyths.info Louanne
  • Mea

    Banning books or information is the sign of a totalitarian regime. The earth is a free planet. People should be able to read what they want and make up their own minds. Governments are in no position to act as thought editors. I am vehemently against this banning and any other that attempts to prevent my awareness of the wealth of information that exists in the world on any subject.

    • choocho

      Scientology is codswallop, not a “wealth of information”, even though you’ve probably spent 10’s of thousands of dollars on it.

  • choocho

    “Louanne” and “Mea” are probably the same Scientology Office of Special Affairs “internet patroller” who sometimes posts as “Louanne”, although that’s not her real name either. It’s her job to patrol the internet to sell Scientology and attack critics.

  • James

    I do believe it was not all Scientology literature at all. Should probably make a re-edit on that.