Russia Online Audience Fastest Growing

    November 8, 2007

Europe had the largest Internet audience- ever in September with a five percent year over year growth, and 226.7 million unique visitors 15 years or older.

Russia had the fastest growing online audience increasing 23 percent to 14.6 million unique visitors, Spain trailed with 14.5 million unique visitors, growing 18 percent and Ireland grew 16 percent gaining 1.5 million unique visitors, comScore reports.

Germany had the largest online audience with 33.2 million unique visitors. The UK was close behind with 32.2 million. The two together accounted for 29 percent of the total European online audience. Europe’s third largest online country France, was the fourth fastest growing with a 14 percent gain reaching 27.3 million unique visitors in September.

The Netherlands had the highest Internet adoption with 82 percent of the country’s population age 15 or older online in September. After the Netherlands, adoption rates were highest in the Nordic region, where the Internet was accessed by 73 percent of the total population of Sweden, 72 percent of Denmark and Norway, and 66 percent of the Finnish population.

"Many countries in Europe are still demonstrating robust growth in Internet usage," said Bob Ivins, comScore EVP of International Markets.

 Russia Online Audience Fastest Growing

"And given the relatively low Internet penetration in several major European countries, there is plenty of upside in the European market. Russia, with only 12 percent of its population online, appears poised for substantial growth."