Rush Limbaugh And Donald Trump Share This Success Secret

Mike TuttleLife

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Russh Limbaugh recently took time to parse out the mess that Donald Trump finds himself in after insulting John McCain. Not surprisingly, he defended Trump, insisting that Trump's words had been taken out of context. But more importantly, he says McCain does not need to apologize.

Limbaugh then had to draw a moral from this story that suited his purposes.

“This is a great, great teachable moment here, this whole thing with Trump and McCain,” Rush Limbaugh told the folks in his bubble.

“Trump can survive this, Trump is surviving this,”


“Guiding all of this,” Limbaugh said, “is the guiding presumption that the majority of the American people are as outraged as the media are.”

And here is where Rush Limbaugh told the truth about Donald Trump, and about himself.

"Now, remember, there's a common assumption made every time one of these things happened. You know, I myself have stepped in it a couple times, folks, and each time -- oh, yes, I have. I've stepped in it a couple times. And each time, the point is that each time I did the Drive-Bys thought they had me, right? I mean, I can go through: Michael J. Fox, Sandra Fluke, whatever it was, they thought that they had finally gotten rid of me."

"But they didn't. They didn't even come close. They never have come close. They're still telling lies about advertisers lost. They're still telling lies about every aspect of these incidents where they thought they had me. Why were they wrong? Because they made the assumption that the whole country was outraged at me as they were."

And therein lies the secret of how Rush Limbaugh is still on the air, and of how Donald Trump is still a candidate. It you don't care about being decent, all you have to do is count how many other people don't care if you're decent. If there are enough to keep you going, you'll still have a show, a candidacy, a career.

Donald Trump's secret is that he doesn't care. Rush Limbaugh gets it.

Mike Tuttle
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