Run Crowdfunding Campaigns On Your Web Site With Indiegogo Outpost


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When one thinks of crowdfunding, they usually think of Kickstarter first. After all, a lot of successful projects get funded through the Web site. That may be a problem though. Would a campaign get more backers if the company or person involved could run two campaigns at once simultaneously? That's a question Indiegogo wants to answer.

Crowdfunding platform Indiegogo announced this morning that it will now offer a new capability to those who use its platform to raise money - Indiegogo Outpost. The new feature will allow companies and individuals to run an Indiegogo campaign on their own Web site while simultaneously running the same campaign on their personalized Indiegogo page. Indiegogo says the new feature is meant to help companies build crowdfunding campaigns around their own branding.

“Indiegogo is all about breaking down barriers to funding and we’re always looking for new ways to help Indiegogo campaigns directly engage with audiences who are likely to support them,” said Slava Rubin, Indiegogo co-founder and CEO.

Perhaps the best part of Indiegogo Outpost is that it's completely free to setup. It's also incredibly simple as it uses the same HTML embed codes that you might use to embed a YouTube video. The tool lets users integrate their own tools, like Google Analytics, as well.

Indiegogo says that Indiegogo Outpost will be launching in the first quarter of this year. More details are to come at a later date, and we'll let you know more when details are released.

Image via Indiegogo