Rumor: Hulu IPO Possible Early Next Year


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It's possible that we're at last digging out of the recession, given that the Dow's flirting with 11,000 today.  It's possible, too, that the people behind Hulu are ready to take advantage of this fact, as a new rumor indicates the company could go public early next year.

According to what one anonymous source told Reuters, Hulu's weighing the option of raising $200-$300 million.  That would value the organization at about $2 billion, or double the valuation it got pre-launch back in 2007.

As for when we'll know for sure, Reuters reported, "A decision could come by November, the source said."

HuluThen the article later continued, "Filing by the end of the year gives Hulu the flexibility to push an IPO out in January or February if the new issue market improves, but also lays the groundwork for an offering in April or May, after first quarter results have given it more time to gauge its financial health and the market . . ."

So don't make a note on your calendar to buy HULU (or laugh at those who do) on any particular date just yet.  Even anonymous sources aren't claiming everything's written in stone.

This just qualifies as an interesting rumor to weigh on a day when the stock market's looking more inviting than it has in a quite a while.