Rumor Has Yahoo Losing Two More Execs

    November 3, 2008

Jerry Yang’s most recent pep talk must be wearing off.  There’s word that two more Yahoo execs will be quitting his company this week, and neither of them is supposed to be the kind of person who would have been hit by layoffs, anyway.

Scott Moore, who’s in charge of the Yahoo Media Group, was the first fellow mentioned by Kara Swisher.  She emphasized his importance by referencing the possible AOL acquisition and writing, "With high-ranking Yahoo execs like Moore gone, it will likely fall to AOL execs, such as its content head Bill Wilson, who will be more likely to head integration efforts, if a deal is ever struck."

Yahoo Logo

Then there’s Alan Warms to consider.  Warms works as a vice president and general manager over Yahoo News, Yahoo Tech, and Yahoo Education.  He was previously the founder and CEO of Participate Media, and about one year ago, Yahoo saw fit to buy its site BuzzTracker for an estimated $5 million.

Swisher wrote, "In any case, the departures are troublesome as Yahoo tries to right itself, especially since its content operations are among its bright spots.  Yahoo’s various sites are some of the largest on the Web, such as its news, finance and sports online franchises."

And sure enough (whether there’s a direct connection or not), Yahoo’s stock has fallen farther than the rest of the market, down 1.64 percent so far today.