Rumor: Google Ticketing An Expedia Buy

    April 2, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Google as travel agent? It could happen as rumors caught fire this afternoon about the potential acquisition of venerable online travel agency Expedia by Google.

The possible purchase doesn’t fit in line with Google’s prior acquisitions. And besides, we would hate to see Expedia vanish into the either like some of Google’s other pickups (Dodgeball anyone? Measure Map’s two years of taking email addresses pending relaunch?)

Nonetheless the chatter made itself heard above the Wall Street din. Reuters cited Susquehanna Financial Group on rumors of call buyers being interested in Expedia, fueled by whispers about a possible Google acquisition.

Travel Ad Network CEO Cree Lawson thinks it’s odd Google would want to align itself with a single brand. He cited TripAdvisor as a better choice, though we see that as more in line with the social media sites Yahoo has purchased.

“Given the recent publication of weakness in their growth ,does this give us a glimpse into lower anticipated performance over the longer term,” Lawson wondered of Google. “They claim ‘to serve publishers.’ The question is whether that