Rumor: Google Ending AdSense For Domain Tasting

Free money train rolling to a halt

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The big bucks involved with slapping AdSense on domains during their free five-day grace period may dry up completely if Google takes action on the subject.

That grace period proved profitable for domainers who used Google’s AdSense for Domains program. Free domains plus ad revenue brought one domainer $3 million per month, according to DomainTools blogger Jay Westerdal.

Note that the $3 million came after Google took its cut. If Google truly ends the ability for domainers to drop AdSense onto tasted domains, the company wipes out a chunk of revenue for itself.

Westerdal cited a confidential informant on this, saying Google will stop monetizing domains less than five days old. With millions of domains in play, domainers would see their massive paydays evaporate.

It isn’t as much a case of “don’t be evil” for Google, as it is “let’s limit our legal liability.” Westerdal said lawsuits by Dell, BMW, and Yahoo against those domainers for trademark violations could end up adding Google’s name as a defendant.

Since Yahoo has been a plaintiff in these cases, Westerdal thinks it unlikely Yahoo will permit its advertising to be placed on tasted domains.

Andrew Goodman, commenting on his Traffick blog, said, “Who would have thought that the whole domain name system would have remained such a wild-west realm for so long?”

If rumors are true, there’s a new sheriff in town, it’s high noon, and Google’s got the fastest draw on the Internet.

Rumor: Google Ending AdSense For Domain Tasting
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  • http://doneinstyle.com doneinstyle

    There is nothing more annoying than putting a search term in and having the first 5 results be this type of awful spam site.

    Hopefully if they institute this, it will also improve their results, since there SHOULD then be a whole lot less of this sort of site. Yes, they make money from the ads, but they’re hurting their own search returns by doing so. This will only help them in the long run.

  • http://www.vegasbookmarks.com David

    Google Adsense can be a profitable business if you play the game ethical.  The consumer wants to find a product or service and with the ads on your site, if you do not have what they are looking for then one of the ads can provide the solution and revenue can be made for everyone.

    Scamming Google or the advertiser out of money does not make a win-win deal for everyone.  Play fair and we all win.



  • http://www.purecr.com Costa Rica Real Estate Guy

    It would be nice to think that Google was doing this to improve quality throughout their system, but I guess as long as they are taking this step it is a good thing.  $3M for one Adsense spammer is incredible, think how much ad revenue is being wasted by the advertiser.  Looking forward to seeing our spend on content network partners go down and conversion percentage go up.

  • Guest

    Google adsense is responsible for clear majority of ad spam on the internet. It is also responsible for a large proportion of cybersquatting.

    Google is constantly fighting the spam its own ad network has created. The fact it hasn’t to date actually done anything to prevent the root cause of this spam proves Google is now just another corporation where the calculation is as follows.

    How much income do we lose by offending people with spam           —————————————————————————–
    How much income do we lose by removing said spam

    = decision

    as long as the result is less than unity they wont remove their own spam

    TV networks use the same formula for how many ads to run, newspapers use it for how many ads appear on a page, magazines … the list goes on

    • Mitch

      Can you provide a real life example of your formula in action? Thanks.

  • AF SEO

    The countless millions of dollars wasted by Google advertisers in the AdSense program is mind boggling. I can’t believe it took this long for Google to make this decision. Although, I’m skeptical until it really happens.

    From my experience, advertising in the content network never made sense from an ROI standpoint, and I can’t imagine it does for a lot of advertisers, yet they inexplicably continue to do pour their money into the program. I hope this change will made a difference, but I’m sure the scammers and spammers will find a new way to take advantage of naive advertisers.

    • http://www.tradeshow-stuff.com THEP

      As an advertiser paying good money for Google AdWords (Yahoo & MSN also), I can’t imagine that advertising in any content network has ever paid a ROI for anyone. I have tested, tracked and paid Google, Yahoo & MSN for my education in where not to advertise and their content networks proved to me to be nothing more than a big black empty hole.

  • http://tothefuturewithlove.blogspot.com deni

    Yep, I agree it was about time too.

    I’m sick of those "odd" sites that serve nothing but nevertheless people earn from them and earn a lot.

    One smart decision from Adsense.

  • http://www.shilohsoftware.com Jerry Van Meadows Jr

    I’ve heard this internet squeezing issue before where Comcast sometimes restricts data flow when speed issues were key issue from bottleneck bursts of heavy internet traffic. I myself enjoy the free sites that offer gaming, education, and Mp3 music streams while multi-tasking in chatroom environments.  Time-Warner wanting to tax usage on data would make them lots more money as they already have with turning AOL into the BBS to Internet gateway success portal, but taxing users on usage would be turning time backwards like when I spent $1.98 per hour after $29.99 for 300 hours when the internet was first going public. Wake up Time Warner we need no Duty Tax.               Jerry Meadows.

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