Rumor: Facebook Goes On “Lockdown” Due To Google

Zuckerberg responds to Google's social plans

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Even with its 500 million users and omnipresence in society, Facebook is not discounting the threat posed by Google’s supposed plans to launch a social network, according to a new report.  Instead, the company’s gone into a sort of "lockdown" in response.

Do you think the lockdown’s a sign that Facebook thinks it’s in trouble?  Or just a way of accomplishing some extra work?  Have your say in the comments section.

Anthony Ha reported, "[W]e’ve heard from a source close to Facebook’s plans that the social network is working hard to fend off Google.  Specifically, chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has declared that the company is on ‘lockdown’ for the next 60 days, with the office open on weekends as the company tries to revamp Photos, Groups, and Events in advance of the Google launch."

Then Ha added, "We hear Zuckerberg even has a neon sign saying ‘Lockdown’ on his office door."

That last detail makes it sound like Zuckerberg isn’t exactly sweating bullets; most people wouldn’t order neon signs under those circumstances.

Still, if what Ha heard is true, it could be a signal that Zuckerberg at least feels a reworking of his site is in order if Facebook is to stay dominant.  And if an earlier report that Facebook has Google’s social product plans in its possession is accurate, that may mean Google has something very interesting on the way.

Of course, Google still hasn’t shared any details with the public about what it’s planning.

How do you think Google’s social product will fare compared to Facebook?  Let us know in the comments section.

Rumor: Facebook Goes On “Lockdown” Due To Google
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  • http://www.madovsky.org Franck

    to read all these articles that make the user a slave of internet communism….
    it’s like there are only facebook, google and whatever big stupid websites that exists and
    kill the others..
    Marx never thought that one day the technology will fit the 3 politic ideologies.

    Capitalism -> “ok let’s make huge money with internet”
    Ssocialism -> “ok let’s create social network and attract people by saying make friends”
    Communism -> “you have no other way that use ONLY our application”

    After given 15 years of my life to develop internet applications, I definetly stop to and trash my computer to live a real social life….

  • http://www.afrowall.com Sammy

    People would invent news to has no source. Facebook is already there. I t will battle it out with google. i dont see google winning. facebook already has people, those people arent going to leave facebook for google whatever.

  • http://www.qwinki.com/si/facebook.html facebook

    Hard to believe!

  • http://spxtimer.com Rich Day

    Google will have an extremely difficult time competing with Facebook.

    Facebook and Twitter are two of the foremost rulers in the social networking space.

    People don’t generally switch from winning social platforms unless there is something that they need and cannot obtain by staying put.

    • http://www.powerpets.com Powerpets

      Then again, FB did it to MySpace in a fairly short period of time.

  • http://www.sublimepackaging.com Lee

    Its Hard to believe!

  • http://www.holidayto.net/ Alan

    Competition is a healthy factor.

  • http://www.powerpets.com Powerpets

    If Google can successfully combine all it’s assets into one easy to use package, it’ll be better than FB from day one. Right now there’s arrays of “tools and toys” that are hard to find for most users. As for the person who said there’s already too many social networks, to Google, that’s not the point. FB knows your exact details (age, location, friends, hobbies, what you do and when you do it), that sort of information is worth millions of dollars every day when it comes to targeted advertising and it’s information Google doesn’t have. Google can guess what you’re interested in based on searches you do, but it doesn’t know who in your family is doing the searches etc. In FB each of your family members have their own login, that sort of data is simply priceless to ad serving companies.

    I wish Google luck. Setting up a social network is the easy part, getting everyone who currently has large FB fanpages and websites with unified FB logins or FB comment areas to convert will be a long and tough battle at this point.

    FB has many functionality flaws at this point — and I don’t think 60 days is enough to resolve all of them or even enough of them to overcome the hype Google will likely try to create around it’s products.

  • http://www.blackballonline.com Dave Durbin

    Its like the wild west digital soap opera trying keep up with who’s in bed with who. Who’s cheating on who, and who will make it to next week without getting killed or written out of the script. This is a fun time to be in this business. The energy drink and coffee companies should love this as well and who knows we may get some cool stuff to play with.

  • dan

    I agree there’s nothing Facebook can do in the search area to beat google! Google on the other hand can do a more easy in terms of functionality social network. Persoanally I’m not a big social networking fan, but facebook annoys me many times. It’s like a messy pizza, yet not as idiotic as myspace, tagged or any other social network!

  • http://www.360tim.com Guest

    When you search in Facebook it gives their results and at the bottom of the page gives results from Bing. Its been reported that Bing is partnering with social media sites to give them search engine results. So if anything they would just strengthen that partnership.

  • http://facebook.com/nailsoupmedia Webnoob

    rumor? its like the republicans that heard from an unnamed source that people are coming here from other countries to have babies then go back to their home land so they can raise them to be terrorists to come back 30 years later to the US. I smell B%ll$h(t.

    For you to fuel an idiotic post must mean you had no real stories at deadline. If anyone with an ounce of knowledge of facebook and google they would facebook isnt locking anything down. They just announced new idiotic changes to fan pages (eliminating boxes and narrowing the page widths )so THEY can own more advertising space and screw the users) and they have plans of choking the goose in september. Why didnt you write about the death of facebook items like that? Look at our facebook fan page and wall and side nav. Integrating in ways no one else is doing.

    Now google or yahoo (who is in better shape to compete because they have yahoo answers and yahoo local events ). If you were a flunky in community college and in a marketing 101 class you know that if a business has 500 million members on an easily cloneable platform that it will breed competition.

    Its the nature of business. Coke has Pepsi, Att&t has verizon and sprint. Maybe you didnt go to college or journalisim school for that matter as there are plenty great angles to write about than a guy of a guy of a guy told you a rumor!!!!!!

  • Guest

    Facebook book stinks and is a retarded, soon to be forgotten
    concept. Remember Myspace just a couple of years ago?
    George Clooney was recently asked “Why dont you have a Facebook account”?
    his reply; “I would rather have a complete rectal exam broadcast
    live on National television” My sentiments as well.

  • http://www.completenewengland.com Cliff Calderwood

    I hope they’re not changing interfaces anymore at Facebook just to fend off a threat. They really screwed up last time with the confusing “likes” button – what a joke! Then they move stuff around so you can’t find it anymore and for no reason. They say its because of user feedback? Don’t believe it – its for there own aims.

    People will eventually begin to realise these social media sites “own” them and they are no more Free under these networks than joining a forum at a website.

  • Anonymous

    People are like sheep. They follow where the crowd is and for now that is facebook, as soon as people hear that Googlebook is bigger than FB they’ll leave in droves.

  • LBurns

    Okay, so Google is a giant but imho they’ve shattered too many peoples confidence to be a big winner in social networking when deindexing, slapping and/or dropping marketers (when they themselves are) and with no forewarning & all their other ongoing antics of arogance & jealousy. I’m probably not alone in wanting to strongly urge FB to allow a second account so that the 1st one can be contained to a private family group & friends (& closed to the public if wished-who I don’t want to share my private life with, especially the nutty photos & comments other family members have posted!) nor have the general public plant posts just because I posted I liked their topic) …but to allow us a second presence open to the community at large (away from our 1st private closed group) that we could log into and where we could share all else with the entire community & they can post whatever they want on my 2nd account, my “wallpaper” account so to speak. Betcha FB would have an outrageous membership count in no time if they went with an idea like this. Well, just my 2 cents.

  • Guest

    Facebook search engine??? That would be nothing but wasted money for them. Dumb idea. With the big three: Google, Yahoo and Bing, Facebook would drown. There will be no more search engines emerging as the big three have it cornered.

    Facebook should feel a threat. Google’s a huge company with deep pockets, and they already have Orkut, so Google emerging as a big time competitor is likely. Will Facebook go under? No, especially with Myspace looking like it’s on its way out (which is great since Myspace is crap anyway).

    But never-the-less, when a company a big as Google, who is 10 times the size of Facebook, launches any type of competing product, all competitors should worry. No doubt it will definitely take a considerable size of Facebook’s market away.

    • Roy

      Do you know how many users Facebook has? Do you know Facebook surpassed Google on visits? Do you know how long those users on Facebook and how sick, twisted, cult like and loyal to Facebook those users are? All Facebook has to do is a put search box on the main page pointing all search results to Stephen Colbert’s site and call it “Web Search Engine” and Google is history! Measure your words. You don’t know what you are talking about. There is nothing worse than a cult. GoogleMe will be a big failure just like all Google products. Google is a Jack of all trades, master of none. Not talking about search.

  • http://www.site-booster.com/blog/ Online Marketing Blog

    AS a big fan of SEO, I prefer pluralism among the Web Service providers. Google should do its search engine services. Facebook is the top social media for another purpose. I don’t understand why people should follow them on every step they take and let them grow bigger and bigger!

    Once they become the absolute power on the web, they would decide for whatever you may imagine and you will have to follow them as there wouldn’t be any alternatives. I prefer Google, my favorite search engine, to remain a search engine and not become everything we need on the web.

    Rahman Mehraby
    Site Booster Blog

    • http://www.worldtravelingartist.com/about Alexander

      It’s not about purpose of a search engine or a social network, or a webbrowser.. it’s about a long term battle, dominance and ruling the web. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • http://www.worldtravelingartist.com/about Alexander

    I think it’s overexaggerated a bit. At some point Google shall of course launch it’s own social network, just as they made Chrome. And when they made Chrome people thought it would hurt Firefox, but it didn’t. According to some statistics, Google has some 6% of entire browsers share right now, but it’s a long way until some established browsers really get hurt. The same is with social networks I think. Concretely, I don’t think I’m gonna throw away my Facebook account even Google comes with much better product then Facebook. Those to whom it really matters, are more likely gonna use both.

  • http://smp3lembang.blogspot.com Munir ardi

    very hard to find a Search Engine like a google, facebook team must be think about that


    Both FB and Google are the whores of the Internet. Neither truly try to protect individuals privacy, both were founded by narcissistic men who have no foresight or ethics. Both sites allow copyright and trademark infringement, aid Internet Predators and then throw their hands up stating they have no responsibility. Unfortunate that we all must use them because they are so big.

  • http://www.dscardworld.com R4DS

    Facebook dominates social media and Google dominates search. I don’t think enthusiast users of EITHER service would like to see one company dominate both. I don’t see any problem in healthy competition, therefore.

  • Guest

    facebook periodically goes on lockdown just to accomplish certain tasks. while fb might be worried about google’s social efforts, in no way does facebook think google will just suddenly jump in front in the social arena. facebook is way too dominant. google needs to put out a decent product before facebook should worry seriously. google’s attempts at social media have the same problem bing does in search, why would anyone leave google to search on bing. what’s their value proposition? they dont have one and cant compete (yet) so facebook need not worry in the meantime. glad to see theyre being proactive, however.

  • http://www.angelescret.net Randolph

    Google laid the groundwork for this a while ago by encouraging people to enter Google profiles. and now one’s Google profile is the default personal identifier for responses on many blogspots. Of course it makes total sense for Google to try to exploit its strong position in the “free” email market beyond advertising on the login page. If they could get all of their gmail users (not to mention everyone who uses their search engine) to use their social network, they would be a very serious rival to Facebook instantly. Personally I think that gmail users and Google search engine users will resent any strong-arm tactics on Googe’s part to encourage them to adopt Google’s new social network. The issue is actually more that that many people are now using Facebook for personal communications, rather than email, particularly for social (friends, family, personal) messages. If I were Facebook, one of my “lockdown” projects would be to encourage this even more. Perhaps one way would be to start a “facemail” email system outside of Facebook proper, so that every Facebook user would automatically have a “facemail” account that linked to his or her Facebook page. One good reason for this is that many businesses and schools block Facebook and YouTube, but not email services. “Facemail” would give Facebook an absolutely preeminent position in the personal communications area.

  • SOB

    Google has way too many enemies now to have a successful social networking site. Google search engine is turning useless and irrelevant. Marketers, SEOers, blackhaters are the enemies I’m talking about. Those are the ones who made Myspace, Facebook, Bebo, Google itself and most of these giant sites on the web with their spamming spreading the word and making them famous. You know, the type of users that hang around Warrior Forum, Blackhatworld, Wickedfire, Digital Point and the ones dear to my heart Gurusecret, Iranjava and Yorije.

    70% of accounts on these giant sites, excluding Google, are nothing but marketers, blackhatters, and spammers. If you think otherwise you are an idiot. I “could” be responsible for just 30% of them but I’m not admitting anything. LOL.

  • http://www.greenwebdesign.com/ Jessica

    I agree with the previous guest. Facebook search is nowhere near what anyone could possibly call “fully functional” and it seems to be getting even less helpful with every update. I have better luck going to google and searching facebook.com + keywords than I do using the facebook search that is built in to facebook

  • http://www.theakurians.com Guest

    The Akurians and myself have been boycotted and BLOCKED by Google just like we have by Facebook! The reason? Neither can stand the TRUTH even when explained politically correct. And ONE-IDIOT charge (spam, cult, terrorist, racist, ‘offensive,’you name it) is just cause WITHOUT A TRIAL OR HEARING, and a 1,000 supporters isn’t enough. Did they get that from AA?

    Google won’t be any improvement as a social-media than Facebook will be as a search engine, BECAUSE they are both overloaded with SOCIALISTS just like the rest of Main Stupid Media.

    YES! You may quote me; and I’ll be happy to document.

  • Guest

    Here is a call to all webmasters to start promoting Bing whenever you can even if you don’t like it. We’ll all win in the end. It’s time to end G.’s abuse! The old G. is never to come back. The two kids that started it in a few months will not be in charge anymore I read. Start a facebook page to ask FB to work on their own search engine. The more competition, the better!

  • Guest

    As I used almost all Google tools, I found out the hard way that Google is the most untrustworthy and unreliable internet services provider in the www, maybe good for a student, or an addicted surfer, but running a company? Stay as far away as possible if you want to avoid heart attacks. Google can compete the others in social networking only if it can be sociable itself, something that it’s against Google’s nature, and with very bad reputation for the unprofessional treatment of its users community.

  • http://www.collegeofpublicspeaking.co.uk Vince Stevenson

    I think that competition is great. Why shouldn’t Facebook have its own search engine? It would keep Google on its toes…

    Rgds Vince

  • http://www.gtwcmt.co.uk GTWCMT

    Facebook has had a share of its users complain about the updates that fail, problems with this and that as they have tried to up date their UI and Apps. On of my sayings is If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Facebook should have paid heed to this.

    My space went under some updates over recent months and it has improved, but it has not drawn more people in, or back to it.

    You do have to think in clear sense and logic of blogers and socialists, from a psychological point of view people don’t like change and humans are backwards thinking. If Facebook works for them, their Friends us it why would they change to what good has to offer?

    I think its late in the day for google to be entering this bandwagon of social networking /sharing websites, unless they can pull something off thats really going to make people say wow, and bring new things to the social networking genre of websites, what hope do they have?

    Facebook search and the removal of the friends list in a recent update caused failures to bring up results that could be linked too, unless you refresh the page 3 times for the API to load correctly and fully,. when it does work, its a weak search and although webpro reported the growth in social network searches some months back facesbooks updated search is a big flop.

    many of Facebook apps and user sharing (inc chat) could be carried out so much better and there are apps out there which can work and do a better job. All goggle needs to do is pull those better apps together into a single platform and better UI’s and you will instantly have that winning combo.

  • Guest

    You know what would really hurt Google? A Facebook browser. My my my! Facebook needs to seize the opportunity they have a cult going on over there and start throwing products out there. IE will only be the strongest competitor since nobody uses Chrome or Firefox, not the regular clueless facebook Joe and Jane users anyway, which are the majority on Facebook. Once they have their browser installed, they promote their search engine through it.

  • http://www.proqure.se Ryan Eriksson

    Just another way of competing with Google through FB search engine.

    However at one point, Google needs to focus on what they do the best. Broadening their segment and product portfolio that much would hurt more than do good.

    Ryan Eriksson
    Business development, Marketing and Sales

    ProQure | Entrance mats and Facility Management


  • http://www.theinternetbook.com The Internet Book

    Google rules the universe, they just let us live here…

    If Google chose to launch a Mars mission, even NASA would tremble. Sure, they make some mistakes (shows their human element is still alive), but Google is possibly the smartest collection of brains ever assembled on a common mission. Google has also learned from their past (few) mistakes and if they launch a social network, it will be a monster. And, since they virtually own the advertising electrons, they are poised to promote it as no one could. If nothing else, this should diffuse those rumors about Facebook thinking about charging for access ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • John Smoores

    Facebook sucks now. You have to prove you “personally know” people in order to add them as friends or share a mutual friend. It could the way of my space in a few years if not sooner.

  • Greywolf7206

    In my very humble opinion, as an avid Facebook & Google user, I would say that, given Google’s past experience and their successes with search technology, mapping platforms, news and just about any other internet based service, if Google is building a social networking platform then Facebook is definitely in trouble.

    There are two very big advantages that Google has over Facebook:

    Experience – Google has been at the internet game for a very long time and have mastered just about every aspect of internet interaction that currently exists.

    Customer care – Facebook is definitely not geared towards customer care – users can get their accounts blocked for no reason other than a malicious complaint or prank complaint and often with little recourse – try getting your Facebook account unblocked – if you are one of the lucky few, it usually takes days and in some cases weeks to get any where often with no explanation as to why you were blocked in the first place. Additionally, Facebook does not have a helpdesk or call center and forget about a timely response to any technical issues – including those where tokens bought using real cash are concerned.

    I will continue to use Facebook for the time being however, I am pretty certain that given their track record and Google’s track record – Google wins hands down… I would say that Yes! Facebook is definitely in for the ride of their lives….

  • Guest

    All Facebook has to do is put a “web search” box on their header and you’ll see Google’s stock drop like a sack of potatoes just on the news. I don’t think many of you know the power that facebook has concentrated, you have no idea.

    Bing could kill Google if they partner with Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. Can you imagine Lady Gaga saying “BING IS DA SHIT! MAKE IT YOUR HOMEPAGE!” LOL. Millions of zombies will follow her orders. Problem is that these companies don’t think outside the box. Old time marketers.

  • http://www.8womendream.com 8 Women Dream

    Hopefully with Google’s clean design they will come up with something interesting that allows chat without having to be “friends” first. And I wonder if they will limit how many friends you can have, and what they will offer businesses. Facebook isn’t exactly business-friendly, although it has improved.

  • http://www.freearticlesmix.com articles

    Google does have hes social network call: orkut so if I want to sign up for this social network I have to go to a lot of things like first your email then after that google show you a lot of other applications that have little or nothing to do with a social network and there is when people get last, it is not smart. So if google want to compete with facebook they need to make a social network that has nothing to do with google applications and email, do you follow??

  • http://www.social-catalog.com aatif

    Google is trying hard to get in market of social media but it so difficult for them , they must concentrate on their other main services

  • Guest

    Why most Google products fail and will continue failing, including any social networking site? Because they put profits first. When people think about Google now, they think about a bunch of rich guys behind it trying to dominate the world. When they think about Bing, sort of the same. When they think about Facebook, they think about a private company ran by a single geeky kid and feel more drawn to him. Same happened with the two Standford Google kids until they sold their soul. Facebook opening a search engine is a big threat to Google no matter how crappy it is.

  • http://nofaultinsuranceguide.com francis

    It doesn

  • Jack Smith

    That is a tough one. Niether has offered much security. I can’t do any kind of comprehensive search on google with cotracting some type of virus or spyware progam. Face book also has security issues, especially for folks that use their phone or blackberry. Even those of us that use our laptops or desktops have attracted certain viruses and spyware, when opening a U-Tube video or something on facebook. Both companies need to improve their screening processes so as not to pass on these aggravations. I’ve had a couple of friends that had to though away their blackberries because of identity and data theft. Those things aren’t cheap. At least on facebook, you learn what to mess with and what not to. With google, there is no telling where you might get attacked from.

  • http://seome.com Steven_H

    Going head to head with Google in search? I highly doubt it. The only way Facebook could compete is if they made some sort of deal with a search upstart like CUIL. Seems another Google competition rollover is imminent.

  • http://nexwebsites.com/ Dick

    Google will eradicate Facebook. Facebook has had all of these years to make themselves into something more than a lame application and they are still a long way off. They are overly restrictive and instist on keeping Facebook a place where you can post useless crap and share it with your real friends. Who needs that? You can call your real friends on the phone to update about all of your special activeties.

  • http://www.petproducts.me Pet Products

    I hate FB. It is the most obtuse, data sucking, unintelligent application I think I’ve ever encountered with quite possibly the worst interface I’ve experienced.

    The sooner Google launches a viable challenger, the better!

  • Guest

    Try this out. www.askmelater.co.uk a search engine with an attitude problem. LOL

  • http://www.newpalcity.com Edwin P. Rembitsky

    What’s the big fuss all about and who cares what either Facebook or Google are doing? Even a turkey knows that both of these corporations are personal info-mining tools for the IRS, FBI and CIA. When using these ‘services’, the cons far outweigh the pros, so folks; use these services at your own risk/peril. Who needs these digital home invaders anyway? If you have REAL friends and want or need a social network, it’s so easy to build one using the many free, open source CMS and SN platforms available. Heck, even a monkey can do it! Make your own social network!
    Just a thought… :)

  • http://www.thinkingcreativity.com Alexander Jordan

    Even if google is releasing a social networking platform facebook is already dominating in so many way, but for. Online marketeers it’s great news to know a company as trusted as google are making our lives more busy and interesting thanks to the great marketing possibilities that come with social networking

  • http://www.modelvanity.tv MV

    Facebook has created a small base of businesses who market to other business using tools and API’s offered by FB. It seems that without the small army of independent businesses out there using these tools to help businesses navigate FB marketing, FB would be hurting. If more metrics are released, and more information is given to these 2nd tier resellers, more advertising money will end up at FB, which will allow it to more effectively compete against Google.

  • http://www.gemini3style.com Guest

    I totally agree with Facebook starting up their own Search Engine,
    somehow they should take the risk and see what happens, they should
    include special content and photos and much more, they would do
    very well…

    Koffi A of Gemini3Style.com

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