Rumor: Facebook Goes On "Lockdown" Due To Google


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Even with its 500 million users and omnipresence in society, Facebook is not discounting the threat posed by Google's supposed plans to launch a social network, according to a new report.  Instead, the company's gone into a sort of "lockdown" in response.

Do you think the lockdown's a sign that Facebook thinks it's in trouble?  Or just a way of accomplishing some extra work?  Have your say in the comments section.

Anthony Ha reported, "[W]e've heard from a source close to Facebook's plans that the social network is working hard to fend off Google.  Specifically, chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has declared that the company is on 'lockdown' for the next 60 days, with the office open on weekends as the company tries to revamp Photos, Groups, and Events in advance of the Google launch."

Then Ha added, "We hear Zuckerberg even has a neon sign saying 'Lockdown' on his office door."

That last detail makes it sound like Zuckerberg isn't exactly sweating bullets; most people wouldn't order neon signs under those circumstances.

Still, if what Ha heard is true, it could be a signal that Zuckerberg at least feels a reworking of his site is in order if Facebook is to stay dominant.  And if an earlier report that Facebook has Google's social product plans in its possession is accurate, that may mean Google has something very interesting on the way.

Of course, Google still hasn't shared any details with the public about what it's planning.

How do you think Google's social product will fare compared to Facebook?  Let us know in the comments section.