Rumor: Facebook Goes On “Lockdown” Due To Google

Zuckerberg responds to Google's social plans

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Even with its 500 million users and omnipresence in society, Facebook is not discounting the threat posed by Google’s supposed plans to launch a social network, according to a new report.  Instead, the company’s gone into a sort of "lockdown" in response.

Do you think the lockdown’s a sign that Facebook thinks it’s in trouble?  Or just a way of accomplishing some extra work?  Have your say in the comments section.

Anthony Ha reported, "[W]e’ve heard from a source close to Facebook’s plans that the social network is working hard to fend off Google.  Specifically, chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has declared that the company is on ‘lockdown’ for the next 60 days, with the office open on weekends as the company tries to revamp Photos, Groups, and Events in advance of the Google launch."

Then Ha added, "We hear Zuckerberg even has a neon sign saying ‘Lockdown’ on his office door."

That last detail makes it sound like Zuckerberg isn’t exactly sweating bullets; most people wouldn’t order neon signs under those circumstances.

Still, if what Ha heard is true, it could be a signal that Zuckerberg at least feels a reworking of his site is in order if Facebook is to stay dominant.  And if an earlier report that Facebook has Google’s social product plans in its possession is accurate, that may mean Google has something very interesting on the way.

Of course, Google still hasn’t shared any details with the public about what it’s planning.

How do you think Google’s social product will fare compared to Facebook?  Let us know in the comments section.

Rumor: Facebook Goes On “Lockdown” Due To Google
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  • Guest

    Facebook needs to start their own search engine even if it is just news and you’ll see Google’s stock drop like a sack of potatoes and a complete abandonment of the networking idea. Maybe team up with Apple or something.

  • Anonymous

    lol… So, have you just never used Facebook’s ‘search’? They got a loooong way to go in that game. Google could much more easily compete with Facebook in social than Facebook can mess with Google in search.

  • http://lanta-krabi.blogspot.com/ Lanta

    With a note posted “Don`t let him sign anything” on the door.

    Would be quite lax of Google to let anything leak after their little brush with the hacking incident earlier this year.

  • Sean

    There have been some friends from when I was younger that I had problems finding using Facebook’s search. I tried using Google to find them on Facebook and it was on the first page.

  • Guest

    So Google has a social network in the works. You gotta wonder if the closing of Google Wave and the inception of a Google social network has a connection. Imagine: a facebook-type interface with the real-time collaborative aspects of Wave.

  • http://www.createforms.com Guest

    I think that it’s harder for Facebook to compete with Google on search technology than it is for Google to come out with a social networking site. If it was was easy to make a search engine to take on Google then Microsoft or Yahoo would have already done so.

    I still don’t understand why Google doesn’t try to buy out Facebook, or at least buy up part o FB.

  • http://gamesandgadgetz.com John

    Wow, this has gotten really bad. I remember reading the news before it wasn’t that serious back then, I hope it gets fixed soon , Facebook is Facebook as Google is Google, they excel in different aspects and people are benefiting from their fortes.

  • Dave

    i don’t think if Facebook were to PUSH search they’d stray from BING. In other words, they’d probably use BING rather than write their own algo.

  • http://www.hot.com.au/ Cheka

    I honestly feel that if google can top facebook with their own social networking site, it would be a “hail mary” pass with 1 second left on the clock. i am a fervent facebook advocate and not because of bias but because the functionality of the site is just so well thought of. that takes a lot of brain matter to devise. so, i would think anything less than revolutionary would just be swept by the wake of the facebook titanic.

  • http://kooiii.com/mkweb MKWeb

    When you start talking about searches, seems everyone is looking at getting ‘real-time’ searches but still have a long way to go. There is a site that is coming up in the ranks (Alexa jumped from ‘unknown to under 140,00 in six weeks) that provides a complete search engine. Websites, Social Networks and Social Bookmarking sites.

    Test it out and you will see Kooiii.com

  • http://www.Birminghamelectriciansltd.co.uk MASSEY

    I think facebook will always be able to fend off any google attempts to encroch on the social. Its gona be interesting to see what happens in the next few months.

  • http://www.seomy.co.uk SEO

    Just in case you hadn’t noticed facebook search results are being provided by Bing. and Bings search market share has increased. Not by a lot, but enough to make you notice.

    I have been utilising the benefits of Facebook for a while now and have strong marketing campaigns running on there.

  • Guest

    People have a tendency to be loyal unless something is very exceptional – people stuck with MySpace until Facebook became a force to be reckoned with – likewise, Google – despite it’s leadership in search – will struggle against Facebook and MySpace unless and until it has something significant to offer. For instance: Droid still hasn’t overcome iPhone yet.

    • Guest

      The android os is actually on more phones in peoples hands now than iPhone, just spread across multiple devices.

  • http://abrirnegocio.com/ Luis

    Facebook ya tiene mucha importancia para el trafico web, eso es mucho negocio en publicidad, ahora necesita reafirmarse…

  • http://www.minitech.org Thomas Theunen

    I think it is a bit too late for Google to throw in a new Social Network. A lot of people are using Facebook right now and are probably not going to switch because they are not sure that their friends are going to.

  • http://thefireseal.blogspot.com Guest

    Social networking website Facebook is nearing its saturation point in Britain and its growth in the country has gone down over the past six months.

    Britain, however, has the second-largest membership of Facebook in the world, at 25 million. The list is led by the US, while Indonesia and Turkey follow Britain.

    Check this out to read more: http://thefireseal.blogspot.com/2010/08/facebook-reaches-saturation-point-in.html

  • Guest

    like the AdSense program / Facebook is littered with advertising so when Google jumps into the Social Networking game why shouldn’t AdSense members get a penny or two for exposing their “friends” to ads

  • http://www.reelseo.com Christophor Rick

    Google is already halfway to a social network without even thinking about it. They have YouTube, Picasa, Gmail, Buzz, voice chat, etc. All they need to do is create a single entry, tie it all together and put “Share” and “like” on Google SERP…and they’re done :)

  • http://www.searchengineace.com Krishan

    If they are serious (FG guys) to secure their future position in internet industry. They must do some acquisition. May be acquire Yandex.com as that’s the best search engine they can use to complete with Google.

  • http://www.mgef.com Riaz M T

    Millions of people using Face Book as a social community. People will go for a new one once it is launched. But if Professionalism and flexibility is there, they will sustain with the right one. So Google and Facebook has decide it whether they have to get more people stick on with their portal…

    Riaz M T

  • http://shondal.net Guest

    With the user base Google has forcing members in through acquired companies, they could very well compete with Facebook. Facebook has a social networking website. Google has a search engine to promote their site. They also have Youtube which will soon force users to have a Google account. They have hardware devices that run the Android operating system and if you have never used an Android OS device you wouldn’t know that all of your information is in-turn, tied to Google (contacts, emails etc..). Google just need to make the social network division intuitive and not crappy and they win. They may however, end up being another Google video vs Youtube fiasco. They will just end up buying Facebook ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • http://ekklesiafoundation.org.uk/ Santa

    Let’s Face it! Facebook has begun to fizzle out in the UK.

    The error in which Google will not copy, is the breach in Security. Citizens in Israel have been harmed, journalists injured in the UK are just tip within the iceberg.




  • http://www.the-system.org The System

    What a load of baloney! Google has it’s own agenda and ‘buzz’ has proved that social networking is not a major part of it.
    Facebook doesn’t give to hoots about Google, after all it has the same users and it’s growing every second.
    Facebook’s main concerns will be with questions of how to monetarize the half a billion people that use if for free…..

    • http://shondal.net Guest

      Ads is how it has always worked. Just like Pof.com facebook will end up with a premium service with a minor subscription.

    • http://www.richinayear.com Rich

      So, you work for facebook or something? You know what they fear and don’t? Facebook has become just like Myspace. People thought myspace would be around forever… Just like people think Facebook will be around forever now. When something new and shiny comes out the people will go to that. Humans are fickle creatures and if you can’t keep their attention or don’t give them new stuff they will leave. LOL!

      It’s funny when folks like you act like you know what’s going on in the stock holder and developer areas of a website. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • http://www.richinayear.com Rich

    Facebook is hard to use, clunky, and has become stale. Google might have a chance if they offer something easier to use with less crap. I quit facebook a long time ago when all the “children” started migrating there from myspace. Now, it’s just like any other playground.

  • Not A Fan

    Social media is a self-absorbed, productivity-killing wasteland populated by twits.

    Let the faux faces and twits fight to the death over it.

    • Guest

      Social Media is ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) on hyper drive. The under 30 crowd can’t be alone or unnoticed for less than 5 microseconds. That’s why social media suits them. Anyone over 30 just sees social media as another medium to sell stuff.

  • http://www.RepairMyIphone.Net RepairMyIphone.Net

    aRE YOU KIDDING ME? that would be great! a search engine in facebook!!!!

  • http://www.gbdesign.net Garry

    Google is an amazing company with some of the world’s best developers. The work on the GWK, Google Wave and Google Apps is truly inspiring. However Google seams to overestimate the general public when it comes to their abilities. Google wanted to end email with the use of Google Wave. Personally I think the system is better than sliced bread but with 90% of people are only just managing to work their email and have NO change of understanding Google Wave.
    The same is true with any type of Google Social Network site. They will make it too good and therefore too difficult to use. For example if you make a site with two button, one that says login and one that says “cancel” you will get people clicking the “cancel” button trying to login!!!

    Facebook in its guise is very, very simple. There are very few option buttons, configuration settings or text field to enter. It’s for the very basic Internet user (which is most of us) and is a key to why it’s so successful.

    I personally love Google Wave and in my opinion that it’s far more superia than Facebook… but not even I use Google wave that much because there is no-one on the other end of the line…
    If Google invented the telephone it would have looked like the IPhone and Mr Watson would not know how to answer it….

  • http://www.andover-plumber.co.uk Andover Plumber

    There are things that Facebook needs to tidy up and it needs to work itself a better reputation over privacy. They did the right thing by getting advertisers to pay for the system rather than the users – look at the 90% drop in readers at The Times in the UK for a comparison on that.

    Google has done a great job with PPC and the mapping service but Wave doesn’t seem to have taken off, despite the people on Googlemail. But with Googlemail you can message someone on Outlook, Hotmail or Yahoo – it’s cross company.

    Maybe as well, people don’t like all their eggs in one basket?

    • Guest

      “Maybe as well, people don’t like all their eggs in one basket?”

      Great Observation!
      Wall Street tried for years to create the “Financial Supermarket” or the “One Stop Shop”, only to find that no one wanted it–except them.

      The Internet is probably no different. Too many consultants selling the “Branding Idea”–Brand Extension–if that worked, we would all be eating “General Motors Peanut Butter”. Why is it that when your business gets too big–you get stupid? The committee system or consultants?

  • Guest


  • Steve L

    This is so typical of big business. Arrogance.
    Facebook should have been aggressively working on staying on top long before Google’s announcement. Sounds like incompetent upper management to me. Facebook needs some competition because they suck.

  • http://www.watch-spartacus-Blood-and-sand.com spartycus

    I agree with the present comment Facebook needs it own search engine 500 million accounts is making Google think they have competition on its hands the fact that Google is trying to launch its own Social network or not(Pehaps!) shows this company wont stop at dominating the Internet< They want everything to be Google, And it is so annoying to myself in my own opinion. Even when you visit any website on the Planet As a user you know the internet has changed badley because every page online is made with one point and thats to get on First page of Google.

    Facebook is the last place left were you can talk social without any Google Interference. I do hope Mark Goes the right direction and uses Facebook’s Power to advance and bring a great site like it is now.


    • http://www.google.co.uk Gareth Mailer

      “Even when you visit any website on the Planet As a user you know the internet has changed badley because every page online is made with one point and thats to get on First page of Google…”

      …and how do you find these websites? ๐Ÿ˜›

  • http://mlmsecretsfound.com Daniel Petrucelli

    Being an internet marketer and helping others in the MLM industry I have seen Google literally cut off the MLM community starting with their PPC programs, then slaps with web sites. Google made A LOT of money with their PPC program over the years. Not sure if they forgot where they came from or who put them there. Naturally with the presents that Facebook has where do you think all those marketers are going? Hmm? Facebook of course. Let the new people to this biz not forget that Google ain’t the only game in town. You got a whole world of Tier II search engines that are much friendlier to work with. Twitter has already started their search engines and you can be Facebook is watching.
    Keep Going

    Daniel Petrucelli

  • http://feeds.name loop

    “Google could much more easily compete with Facebook in social than Facebook can mess with Google in search.” Amin

  • http://www.shipacne.com Rod Collins

    It just seems that this is late coming for Google, many folks I think would flock to a new social media site especially if done well, but Facebook I think would still hold their own, Im not one to move on over when something new comes out, but then again I still use myspace.

  • http://www.briteagebrainproducts.com Brain Support Dude

    I figure Google will totally dominate and blow Facebook out of the water. Google is lying in wait and has observed many social networks come and go, they know what works and what doesn’t. See ya in the dust Facebook.

  • Michael Heavener

    I wonder if Google understands the law called “the Sherman Antitrust Act”? Perhaps they should look at their history books — maybe at the breakup of the railroads in the 1900s, the breakup of the movie studios/theaters in the 1930s, the breakup of the airlines/hotel chains in the 1960s. Sherman is there to keep companies like Google from doing broadly anti-competitive things across multiple industries. Antitrust is an ugly word, and Google deserves it.

    • http://alrady.blogspot.com Alrady

      I totally agree with you. I am old enough to remember what MONOPOLIES do to the consumers. Of course here there is no charge for services such as basic search by Google or Use of messaging by Facebook. If there had been no break up in the telecommunications field we would still be paying huge dollars for long distance calls. And I agree with the person that said Facebook’s privacy issue are of concern.


    • Julie

      I agree that regulations against monopolies should be able to stop giants like Google, but it’s unfortunately not the case anymore.

      The reason is simple: these regulations are national and there are multiple ways for international companies to overcome them.

      The only theoretical solution I could see would be to have international anti-thrust laws, but in reality it will take decades for it to happen.

  • http://www.5movers.com Guest

    I can’t say one way or the other. It’s too early. What interests me most is how it will effect our website www.5movers.com However,what I can say is some competition between Facebook and Google will be good for business!

    • Guest

      Spammer. Your Pen name goes to your website. We don’t need to see it advertised within the body of your comment.

  • http://1mobileglobal.com 1 mobile global Hubze dude

    They are saying” more bang for the buck is averts on Facebook and other social sites”,so it is interesting to see what Google has coming.

  • http://www.bestvibes.ca SexShopCanada

    I as has been mentioned here… just from G-Mail / Orkut / You-Tube / Picasa and Blogger that everyone has a google account already…even if they don’t realize it…! One day you will log into Youtube / G-Mail and you will notice that it looks more like a facebook page….who knows if they did it right… they could make a facebooklike item with “real” search capabilities and you would just never sign out.. you could find out what your friends are doing and search google without ever opening another window…that would be interesting if they did it right… and if they have their own ads circulating in a super platform like that.. they stand to make a ton more money in the PPC market as well as well as find out a whole lot more about you…real fast! I’m wondering if a shift isn’t coming further integrating the idea you-tube has… of… if you want to see objectionable or adult material on google you will have to get an account! Then pretty much everyone will sign up!

  • Guest

    I for one would be glad to see a more professionally run social networking site – knowing google, and having worked with them and their products pretty much since its inception I do know that for the most part Google is a professional company. Facebook lost my interest when they brought in game after game and crappy app after app. All stuff that slows the site down, and eats up bandwidth to no end, and attracts the kids (who then end up taking over the sites). Then the security issues that Facebook KNEW were there, and ignored, until they were faced with charges and fines. Now what kind of person does that say that Zuckerberg is? He didn’t care one iota about our safety or security.

  • Steve

    I think is Google really wanted they could take over any market on the internet.

  • http://www.domainhostmaster.com D E Peters

    Facebook doesn’t give a hoot about our privacy, and this should be raising all kinds of flags everywhere. Perhaps since the largest segment of the population on Facebook are kids that apparently don’t care about privacy and how Facebook is manipulating their lack of it, we don’t see anyone complaining about the default settings, the lack of other settings, and the loopholes people have found throughout Facebook.

    That said, Google doesn’t treat us very well, either. I am a webmaster of quite a few websites. I promote them to other webmasters, web designers, site optimizers, online marketers & web professionals through Google Groups. I also use Gmail, Blogger, Google Sites, Google’s webmaster tools, analytics, custom search, adwords, adsense, Google Domain Parking, Buzz, Reader and much more, but Google won’t allow me to even search on their site anymore and keeps giving me the sorry page with absolutely no way to challenge them (though I do complain each and every single time).

    In fact, Google has reduced the resources and priority for Google Groups, Gmail, Blogster, Sites and many other “Free” services. I am looking for a new place to manage my groups because Google has made them almost impossible to administer (as I am constantly trying to “re-moderate” the membership requests over and over but the server is always giving errors).

    To top all this off, Google allows and even downright encourages webmasters to use AdSense to monetize their blogs, sites, search engines, etc… but Google doesn’t even acknowledge that group owners should be able to plug-in their code for the communities they are building. And yet they get paid not one dime and still Google has yet another platform to show ads.

    Remember, Google is NOT a search engine. They are an ad service, and that’s all they are. Heck, they won’t even allow me to use their search function anymore, but I am doing fine with Bing.

    So I actually don’t think either will be a winner. Neither Facebook or Google have a clue what the people want. Heck, I want an android PDA (not a phone) that will network 5 devices or more on my wifi connection to my local internet (or my burger king connection, or at my friend’s house, etc…), with the option to prepay for data services when I need a network somewhere I don’t have one (which is not very often). No one is building one because the telecoms are happy over-charging everyone for phone services.

    It’s easy to see the writing on the wall and come up with great new products, or to just ignore them and convince Americans they need to pay outrageous prices for services they don’t need or use.

    I think someone will come along and treat people right and blow everyone away.

    • http://www.blackballonline.com Dave Durbin

      Great reply. I like passion. BTW have you seen the new Droid commercial. Mobile hotspot from anywhere capabilities.

  • http://zingervotes.blogspot.com Alrady

    I love competition but have not seen any of the wannabe’s take over Facebook yet; nor have the wannabe’s taken over Google. I think they should save their efforts to take over each other’s space and instead Look for more innovative ways to grab markets. Alternatively just do a hostile take over as soon as you can. I think Google could probably take over MySpace and spring off but (shrug).
    I dont’ think Facebook is big enough to take over Bing but maybe it could take over one of the lesser search engines.

    Of course what do I know? I just blog on writing and on foreclosures and dogs. The markets for my first two subjects are always changing and the changes aren’t necessarily the best for those most affected by the changes.

    There are a lot of people that dont’ like change and are entrenched in the way they operate online.


    • http://teenandyouthinlife.blogspot.com dr. harmander singh

      It is principled way for solving the problem. Thanks!

  • http://teenandyouthinlife.blogspot.com dr. harmander singh

    When we discuss about rumors even if touching the truth, we need to consider what our need of time. For global developments what do we need. We may not go after the opinions alone, but some principles that do not affect our future and thus youth and next generations. I think so, the collaboration can be better idea, and if not Google has already established as Internet authority that can deal as if UNO of Internet. Let us see how it affects the real world. Thanks!

    • http://teenandyouthinlife.blogspot.com dr. harmander singh

      I wanted say how it effects not affects, and it is not rumor though! Thanks!

  • http://PoetPatriot.com Roger W Hancock

    Hopefully Google would provide access to the guidelines of the community interactions. Facebook does not provide the guidelines to allow a member to not violate them. Sometimes Facebook will give a warning you are close to being suspended or your account disabled, sometimes it does not and you are suddenly suspended or disabled. Facebook encourages interaction and then levies penalties for too much interaction. Facebook has a sadistic policy towards those who have a large network and interacts with them or others of similar interests.
    Google, at this time, can only be an improvement over Facebook.

  • http://www.honystable.com Alan D Munro

    Google can do more damage to FB if it does not dectate. Like how many friends on can have. Where one works. Then Google must talk to it’s members and listen what they are asking for or need. The biggest point is to make sure that the Members are real people and there is only ONE PAGE per member.

  • Guest

    The only real threat to Facebook is Facebook itself. Their endless changing format and worse, regulating users with absurd ‘rules’, will drive people to try a new social network.

  • http://www.ladygagaws.com/ Guest

    will Google buy Facebook?? …maybe one day…or Google will create a social networking like Facebook?

  • http://cjis.info Str82u

    The neon sign is a sure sign it’s all in fun to Zuckerberg. At this point Facebook probably has everyone embedded in their own profiles and used to the format and controls. It’s going to be hard for anyone to get the Facebook users to learn something new now.

    And Facebook search…
    They actually would have an easy jumping off point for allot of active sites since so many active sites are on “pages”. All they really need to do is crawl themselves a few times. Algorithms and rules would be up to them, since it’s a social site they really don’t have to be “socially” responsible in crawling the sites linked from inside but might make it so website owners might actually sign up just to get into the “Facebook Web Of Sites”.

    Everyone rushed to DMOZ and Google still uses it as a plus, right?

    Keep it Str8!

  • http://blanketsbeddingandthrows.com Gena Cornett

    The one feature I wish Facebook would implement is Lists, so that users could separate their business and personal contacts in their newsfeeds.

    Re: Google. I don’t really think Facebook has anything to worry about. Can Facebook make improvements? Sure, and they should, but Google is late to the game. Google has implemented some other features, late to the game as well, but when I already have favorite apps that do the same thing, I don’t move, unless they give me a really good reason to do so, and I think most people are like that – they don’t want to change without a really good reason.

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