Rubel Talks About Businesses And Blogs

    May 17, 2006

Steve Rubel, senior vice president of Edelman PR, and a highly influential blogger in his own right, gave an in-depth talk at the Mesh Conference about the effect of blogging on corporate public relations.

Rubel, who is the author of the 67th most popular blog on the Web (according to Technorati), says it isn’t a numbers game-high traffic alone does not guarantee success. Rubel explains that it is becoming less of a concern just how many unique views a website generates. Instead, the focus is on how many discussions the blog generates and how many links are made to it.

“Ultimately, it’s back to sales and did people buy more product,” said Rubel. “We have to do some work in the metrics there.” He believes the necessary changes are coming, though. “We’ll see indexes like the most talked about brand in the world.”

Rubel gave tips for how businesses (and business people) can take advantage of the blogs. The first step, according to Rubel, is to locate one’s audience-“know where the people you are trying to attract hang out.” Then a business should listen to the conversation, and finally, join it.

Rubel recommends that businesses be transparent in their actions-this, he says, will help them establish credibility. And above all, companies should “find out what are the terms of service for the community and figure out how to integrate yourself in a way that is polite and acceptable.”

The guidelines and suggestions laid out by Rubel in his talk constitute an effective way of measuring blogs’ return on investment.

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