RTF To XML Conversions Get Boost From Novosoft

    September 12, 2006

Novosoft has released the newest version of a useful, if awkwardly named, product. RTF2FO 3.4.2 is a Java RTF to XML converter.

It promises to concentrate “on structure, logic and appearance of initial RTF documents and pass all this information to XML in terms of XSL FO semantics.”

A press release described some of the most significant changes.

One “important improvement,” it said, is “a facility to use different external logging systems for tracking the conversion process” that will “significantly lighten debagging and development work.”

Of course, there is always the question, “Why do I need it?” The RTF2FO site supplies not one, but five answers to that query. The briefest of these is that “you want to speak to your clients on their language in terms of document formatting.”

A longer explanation is also available:

“You have invested a lot in creating a comprehensive set of business documents, templates, and forms and now would like them to be instantly available via Internet in different printable and viewable formats (PDF, HTML, PostScript, etc).”

Another fair inquiry is, “How does it work?” Once again, Novosoft has a ready response:

“Using special rules for transformation of RTF formatting elements to FO ones, RTF2FO: RTF to XML converter composes well-formed XML documents or pairs XSL & XML in line with XSL FO specification. This transformation preserves internal structure and appearance of the initial documents as much as it is possible.”

RTF2FO pricing ranges from $50 for the Standard License to $750 for a Site License; Professional Licenses are available for $150.

“Free technical support is provided by e-mail,” the press release states, and “the time-limited trial version with full set of features can be downloaded” here.


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