Roy Garber- Shipping Wars Star Dead At 49

    January 19, 2014
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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Roy Garber, star of Shipping Wars, passed away unexpectedly on Friday, Jan. 17 after suffering a heart attack. Garber was only 49 years old but did suffer from a heart condition. He left behind a girlfriend and a son, Travis.

Garber was described as someone who loved to learn new things and was a jack of all trades. He enjoyed fishing, scuba diving and his job. He was considered to be one of the top earners among shippers in the United States.

A&E released a statement about Garber’s death saying,

“We are deeply saddened by the loss of a member of the A&E family.” “Our thoughts are with Roy’s loved ones during this difficult time. He will be missed.”

Garber’s fans also tweeted their condolences to his family and expressed their sadness over his passing.

Garber owned and operated Arbie’s Team Transport out of New Hampshire. His son Travis worked with him. Garber had just finished filming the 5th season of Shipping Wars. He was known for his kindness and sarcasm and was a fan favorite on the show. RIP Roy Garber.

Image via YouTube.

  • ex-sell69

    You know, I could repeat the same B.S (Roy will be sorely missed. RIP) that everyone says after someone dies (and how is anyones death unexpected, if we’re all going to die one day?), but a better point to make is: Why does a person have to die before anyone says anything nice or good about them? If you can’t say anything good about them (to their face) when they’re alive, don’t wait till after they’re dead to either… It just comes off as being fake! So my point is: If you care for someone… Tell it to them when they’re alive, because if you don’t, one day it will be too late!

  • Colin Breen

    I have been looking forward to watching the new series of Shipping Wars, to be truthful Roy was the Show with his don’t give shit attitude to anything/body, he was his own person in the show, but I was watching one of the new shows I recorded today at the end of it Roy’s Picture with dates on it, I couldn’t believe he was dead. as I don’t know him personally I felt as if I did, he was the back bone to the show, I think now after Roy’s Sad Death this will be the end of the show as it wont be the same without Roy? I hope his family & friends get comfort that he didn’t suffer. RIP ROY I will miss you in the show. I hope there’s a tribute to Roy on the show from the makers of show plus those who he worked with or against. this is the 2nd TV Documentary on SKY that a individual has Died, Captain Phil Harris on Cornelia Marie Died also, again I felt a great loss, watching these programme’s you get to know the persons involved in your living room as your following all aspects of there life so I feel I’ve known them Personally.

  • jerica

    I am so sorry 2 see you go buddy, you were my favorite one on the show.. It will not be the same without you, thinking of you’re family and loves ones and wish you were still here to entertain us all on shipping wars. You were always so outspoken and I always liked you, the show is not the same without you, missing you on shipping wars, rest in peace…