Roundtable Chatting About Apples Future

    September 12, 2005
    WebProNews Staff’s weeklong roundtable on all things Apple includes a couple of odd choices for membership.

Way back in June of this year, Apple’s master of ceremonies, CEO Steve Jobs, disclosed that Apple would switch from IBM to Intel as its source for processors. The story was initially broken by Paul Thurott and followed up on by the Wall Street Journal.

Two tech observers, Peter Glaskowsky and Leander Kahney, were noticeably public in their criticisms of what seemed to be the latest in 11 years worth of Apple/Intel rumors.

As it turned out, their opinions were, in the words of Bob Uecker in Major League’, “just a bit outside.” Mr. Glaskowsky was as gracious and public in his concession afterward as he was strident in his assertions the switch would not take place. But both of them missed the mark.

Now, both will take place in a week-long online roundtable discussing the future of Apple. Among those contributing viewpoints will be Andy Hertzfeld and Tim Bray. No arguments there. Mercury News reporters Dawn C. Chmielewski and Dean Takahashi will be part of it. Excellent writers, both.

Messrs. Kahney and Glaskowsky, though? That causes the eyebrows to raise slightly, despite Mr. Kahney’s lengthy history covering all things Apple. I guess moderator John Paczkowski’s sense of humor extends beyond the always enjoyable Good Morning Silicon Valley blog.

I’m going to enjoy following the discussion this week. We’ll have to see if the contrarian viewpoint applies to what Peter and Leander post during the roundtable. But I’m going to keep wondering why Paul Thurott and Nick Wingfield aren’t part of the discussion.

David Utter is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business. Email him here.