Roseanne Barr: Drunk Twitter Rant Targets Hollywood

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Roseanne Barr tweeted a slew of expletive-filled messages this weekend aimed at Hollywood executives and Anderson Cooper, too. She takes aim at ‘Matt W,’ who is the former producer of Roseanne. She, interestingly enough, defends Alec Baldwin–even though she calls him ‘Alex’ in her admittedly drunken rage.

The 61-year-old also admits to having mental health problems in this collection of incredibly profane tweets. Might the comedienne be bipolar? Her life seems awfully good in an interview published just two days ago about her and Mindy Kaling. In the interview she talks about loving her life.

“I have a lucky life. Yeah, I’m content. I like content better than happy, for sure,” she says.

Do note that the following tweets contain vile language that some will find offensive.

Has Roseanne Barr lost it? Or can her nasty tweets be directly associated to whatever her drink of choice may have been at the time? Whatever was truly behind her Twitter rant, it likely isn’t helping her case in Hollywood.

Would you want to work with someone like this?

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Roseanne Barr: Drunk Twitter Rant Targets Hollywood
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  • Most People

    Half the people on twitter are drunk when they post. I like this comment from another article about this situation. It is so right.

    “Hollywood is a cesspool. All it does is sell an illusion. Anyone that believes the crap they see on TV should really have their head examined. Hollywood so distorts reality so much that people think the police are wonderful and that terrorists are attacking us daily. Police destroy people’s lives in their television stings and rarely help a situation. They are not the saints TV and the news makes them out to be. Doubt what I say — call them and let them into your life. I am sure you will one day say that they made your life hell. In the past 13 years, we haven’t even had a foreign terrorist attack yet everyday there is a new TV drama or movie about terrorists coming to get us. All it is is control through fear. Hollywood is the cause of that. Hollywood does manipulate and it is very destructive. Long ago, tyrants knew that had to control the media to suppress the masses. Within a week of 9/11, there was already made for TV movies about terrorism. It was like it was all planned in advance. It takes months to make and edit movies. Yet, within a week, the first terrorist TV shows and movies hit the air. Like I said — if I didn’t know better, I would think it was all planned to manipulate us.

    On the flip side, Roseanne is crazy. We all know it. She could very well be doing this just for the attention. Women love attention. Doesn’t matter if they are famous or not. A real problem is being homeless, and addict, starving, in prison, or in a war. Those are problems. Being a multimillionaire actress is not a problem.

    As for geriatric porn…. I never knew there was a category of that …. I will say this though …. there is a lot of porn. Millions of people are doing it. People just think it is porn companies. A few select people. But when you really analyze the porn on the net …. you start to realize that between professional, amateur, and homemade porn …. millions of people are doing it. Although, I think the last person I want to see naked is Roseanne. She wasn’t too attractive when she grabbed her crotch while singing the national anthem.”

    That comment is so freaking right.

  • sharon

    This surprises anyone??

  • John

    Has Roseanne lost what? This is her normal self, remember the star spangle banner? Yeah no real difference here.

  • Brian Sumpter

    When people are drunk and angry, they say how they really feel. I’m sure there is another side, but this is her side. Are we supposed to be upset that she was profane when she was drunk and angry? Hawhaw!

  • Mike

    Sounds like she is trying to develop another TV show and is having problems with Hollywood executives. I wish her well and love her humor and her show.

  • sweetchillies

    Roseanne is a very talented comedienne. She also has some serious mental issues which have caused her considerable pain. She most certainly is not stupid! Such psychiatric problems are often found in people who are actual geniuses. I admire her honesty about Hollywood – it truly is a gathering of the most vile pigs on earth. She is spot on and I hope she does leave it forever. She’s way too talented and smart for that life.

  • bree

    This is one very talented lady, who could have another hit show, and the idiots in charge wont let her. I’d be pizzed also. She just wants to work and entertain, and I for one would love to see her back. And for the poster putting down her looks, I think she looks great!

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