Rose to Build a Better Digg?

    December 29, 2008
    Chris Crum

Digg founder Kevin Rose has put up a list of his New Years resolutions. Most of them probably won’t affect many people besides him, but one that sticks out is "Build a Better Digg." His list goes:

– Be mindful
– Zazen
– Build a better Digg
– Start a small tea website
– Climb
– Camp
– Video blog
– Fish w/my Dad
– Read
– Less drinking
– Make time to date someone seriously
– Run a 5k
– Budget
– Try a new restaurant every other week, asking for their "most popular dish"
– Yoga
– Write more ‘paper’ letters
– Design a font
– Start coding again
– Drink more water
– Cook more
– Create an iPhone game
– Go on a date w/Jennifer Aniston
– Tea tasting in China

"Building a better Digg" is probably just Kevin’s general idea to make his site better, but Digg users have to wonder just what Rose has in store for them. Improvements are made to Digg on an ongoing basis as it is.

A couple weeks ago Digg began rolling out changes to the design of the individual story pages to feature related stories based on keywords and a list of top stories with the same topic as the story you’re viewing. "The goal is to make it even easier to discover great content on Digg," said Digg’s Mark Trammell.

Digg Tees

Diggers love Digg as it is. Why else would they be buying promotional merchandise that other companies would give away for free? Rose isn’t going to want to change too much I wouldn’t think. It is the "don’t fix what ain’t broke" philosophy, but on the other hand, there is always room for improvement. I think Diggers generally trust Rose with what has essentially become their community, so whatever changes come their way, I would expect most to welcome them with open arms. Unless of course monetization gets in the way.

We should probably also note Rose’s video blogging resolution. We might be seeing (literally) more from Rose at Digg the Blog,, and Rose’s YouTube Channel.