Romney’s Jeep Claim Called “False” in New Obama Ad

    October 30, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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I don’t envy Ohio voters. Their state is the lynchpin of both Barack Obama’s and Mitt Romney’s campaign strategy, and I can’t imagine a commercial break goes by without at least one message from each of those candidates. Since Ohio is also part of the rust belt, the debate over the economy and job creation is even more relevant in that state.

This week, Romney and Obama have competing ads about whether a statement Romney made about Jeep outsourcing jobs to China is true. Romney has been battling the Obama campaign’s strategy of portraying him as a fibber since the first debate. The ad below is the Romney campaign’s attempt to justify the candidate’s Jeep statement.

Unfortunately, that ad misleadingly quotes the Bloomberg article it cites. The article actually states that Jeep plans to add production sites in China, rather than shift them from the U.S. Romney’s claim about Jeep jobs was worrying enough that Chrysler issued a statement disavowing Romney’s claim. From the statement:

Despite clear and accurate reporting, the take has given birth to a number of stories making readers believe that Chrysler plans to shift all Jeep production to China from North America, and therefore idle assembly lines and U.S. workforce. It is a leap that would be difficult even for professional circus acrobats.

Let’s set the record straight: Jeep has no intention of shifting production of its Jeep models out of North America to China. It’s simply reviewing the opportunities to return Jeep output to China for the world’s largest auto market. U.S. Jeep assembly lines will continue to stay in operation. A careful and unbiased reading of the Bloomberg take would have saved unnecessary fantasies and extravagant comments.

The Obama campaign has jumped at the chance to once again call Romney out for what it sees as a lie. Their new Ohio ad, seen below, attacks Romney for his statement and claims that Jeep is actually adding jobs in the U.S.

Hang in there Ohio. There’s only one week left, and then the Budweiser and Old Spice commercials will be back.

  • Wm Fred Baty

    If Romney swore on a stack of Bibles that he was a liar, I STILL wouldn’t believe him!

    • Art

      Amen brother. I trust him less than a con artist, wait , he is a con man.

  • Nancy Jones

    Glenn Beck played an audio tape of the CEO of GM giving a speech in China where he was saying that GM does have some cars made in China. That 7 out of every 10 cars are made in a foreign country and that GM would be moving it’s reasearch and development department to China. Thank God for conservative talk radio where we can sometimes hear the truth. The thing about talk radio is it often has an audio tape of what people say and you don’t have to rely on the talk show host giving you the truth.

    • Joe

      Glenn Beck is a Lunatic!

      • http://Yahoo Nancy Bryan

        Attacking Glenn Beck won’t change the truth.

    • Art

      Nacy, you obviously still beleive in Santa. I give Rommney 7 pinocchios for that one.

      • http://Yahoo Nancy Bryan

        Open your closed mind to the truth, not talking points.

      • http://yahoo Skid4

        Obviously you can’t spell

    • BetterOffNed

      Oh Nancy, it’s like you don’t even know that audio editing software exists, or that Glenn Beck is a liar and a zealot that claims to have been handed the “truth” from god.

    • http://Yahoo Nancy Bryan

      Yep Nancy Jones is right. Obama is untruthful again. Try, try Mr President …you can’t run from Benghazi…people won’t be deterred by your trying to change the subject.

  • anna

    Obama has sent masses of jobs off shore. Every union agreement sends jobs off shore, it is just a matter of time. I told this to the AFL CIO lobbyist and they just laughed because they planned to move into public sector unions which can not be so easily out sourced. Obama ACA and stimulus are only covers for union jobs=union workers=donations to democrats=excessively high priced projects and products=bias and no jobs for Non-union (right-to-work) workers. If obama made it non-political, it would all be right-to-work but, NO, it is ONLY and by design, Union jobs.

  • Ronnie Brown

    Funny, Obama has lied to the American public for four years and Romney’s camp doesn’t attck him for what everyone knows are lies. It is a sad fact that so many Americans buy into his bull crap lies and they think they are gospel. The dumbing down of America is nearly complete and if Obama is re-elected that process will be completed by 2016. You people need to pull your heads out while you still have time or the America you know will cease to exist. I’m not saying Romney is the answer but he’s got to be better thsn the ‘fool on the hill.’

    • Bob

      It is the Republicans who are stupid and have helped dumb down America.

  • Ken Cutler

    Romney’s ad is obviously a lie or very misleading. To charge Obama with lies in this situation is ignoring the point. Romney, on this particular ad and the auto bailout, has lied and shaded the truth. This ad looks like he is desperate in Ohio. How can a supposedly moral, religious man allow this kind of campaigning?

    • Norwood North

      Romney’s ad forced Obama to try to defend his record and his record is terrible. He has hurt the auto industry. He didn’t fix it like he’s claiming. If Obam was truthful he would own up to the fact that things are not going well and he needs to change directions. But he can’t do that. He’s too arrogant. They next Romney ad will attack what he’s done with GM…my goodness the Volt sells for what??? $45K…give me a break..

  • Dominic

    In the Bloomberg article referenced herein, the president of Jeep says, ““The volume opportunity for us is very significant. We’re reviewing the opportunities within existing capacity” as well as “should we be localizing the entire Jeep portfolio or some of the Jeep portfolio. From the mouth of the guy who makes the decision is the fact that they are looking to put Jeep into China. Let’s be clear that even if jeep production isn’t reduced in the US, those are still US jobs being shipped overseas instead of supporting our manufaturing and export base, and producing those cars in America.

  • Butch Bayne

    Who the hell cares. Were all losers,which ever one of these guys wins the election

  • david

    Well, I live in Ohio and it’s nothing but smear campaigns they are one after another if your not smart enough to look at the facts yourself then maybe. you need to go and huff some paint and write in Santa Claus or maybe the Easter Bunny because your a fool, both are crooked and could tell you a clean joke without saying something bad about the other person.

    • Norwood North

      David, Romney is a car guy. You know that much. Obama wants to redistribute globally. He’s doing it right before your eyes. Our kids and our kids kids future is at stake. We need to keep the jobs in America.

  • Norwood North

    Guys! The jobs are in China period! Not in the USA right now. Wake up…That has to change, we need to get the jobs to the USA. The only candidate who wants that is Romney and that’s a fact.

  • http://Yahoo Bob

    First off, Bill Clinton lies,and spoke for Obama, who is our most current liar.If we don’t vote Obama out in Nov, very shortly America will be forever changed by Obamas’ distructive policies that will destroy our country. Policies which on the surface seem to be ok, but have the opposite effects on all of us..The facts are that all the car companies are starting AND increasing lines in China, which is a communist country.Think about that folks.Chrysler, Jeep, GM, and others are starting up major production lines there.Romney is correct. Wake up America.

  • Norwood North

    The Chrysler jobs are in China and soon Italy… if not already, that does not sound like the USA. GM has all the high paying jobs in China. That is a fact. Obama is reponsible for that. No bones about it. He miscalculated very very badly and time is ticking, it has to be reversed now.

    • John P.

      China manufactures nearly 8 million cars a year FOR IT’S OWN CONSUMPTION!! Some of those cars are AMERICAN BRANDS that are sold IN CHINA. The PROFITS belong to the respective manufacturers.
      More cars on the road (GLOBALLY) drive demand for more oil thus driving up oil prices GLOBALLY.
      Other countries are catching up to the U.S. not because we’re in serious decline but because THEY, i.e., the other countries, are improving EDUCATION which drives technology which drives their economies which creates demand for more & better goods, services, food, etc. So GM, FORD, CHRYSLER & other manufacturers are correct to build facilities there to take advantage of all THAT growth/demand.
      For a more balanced view of what’s happening worldwide and America’s place in it read Fareed Zakaria’s book, “The Post American World”.
      It’s the “CRAP FILTER” we need to read especially during this election season.

      • http://www.atpacreo.com Phil B.

        You should check a few facts. First, Obama screwed investors by taking their shares away from them at 10 cents on a dollar and handing it to the Union. Then HE appointed the President of GM. Now go look at the speech made by the President of GM to the Chinese when he was in China. They already have 11 plants over there and are moving engineers, etc. to China. HIS OWN WORDS – you can see it by using You Tube!!!

        • HOUGH


        • Borderbully

          Phil – You forgot about all the GM dealerships that were forced to close putting many out of work. But I guess they were just “collateral damage” to Obama. The video you mentioned can be seen if one Googles GM Is Becoming GM China. They’ll hear the speech by GM CEO Fritz Henderson. Do you think any Liberal will bother to watch it or even believe it? I doubt it.

      • http://yahoo barbara bowering

        Ithink a lot of people have been listening to fox statements
        just about every thing they say is not true.after listening to them go to the fact finder and you will see.

        • HOUGH


        • Borderbully

          Barbara – FoxNews is unbiased. It reports on all the news, both pro and con for both parties. Unlike Obamedia which reports (if you can call it that) only the pros on Obama and the cons on Romney. I’ll bet you also check out snopes, too.

      • Borderbully

        John P – So who reaps the profits? China isn’t going to send their profits to the U.S. They’re too smart and money hungry to do that. Did you know that the GM deal with China began under Clinton’s watch? I’m not sticking up for Obama because he’s going along with the flow. He won’t stand up to the Chinese.

    • http://www.arewewhereweare.com Kyle Charles Rehder

      It will be reversed now. Trust me.

  • Kerry

    Adding Jeep production sites to China is “phase 1”. Once the workers are trained and they can shift product output from the U.S. then they can move to “Phase 2”. So, NO, they are not planning to go to phase 2 yet!

  • Craig Daniell

    Sometime ago Chrysler announced a joint venture with a company in China called Cherry with the intended purpose of exporting Chinese cars to America. Even Honda are making cars in China and shipping them to the USA. Check and see where the Honda Fit sold in North America is made and you will see it is China. Romney has nailed it right on.

    • terry

      they chrysler are hiring workers in detroit so romney had it all wrong ,,.the draft dodgeing,tax hiding bain capitolist lies you should pay for all his lies

    • James

      Wrong Craig.If you would have done your homework a little better you would know the the Fit sold In the US is made in Canada.The Chinese made version is for Chinese buyers.

  • solsenz

    Do the research! Romney thinks you’re part of the 47% that he can lie to. Prove him that you are not stupid as he believes. Make a call, email, read, ask questions of real people.

    • HOUGH


  • Ben Dover

    Its curious that Romney hasn’t quoted the press release from Chrysler itself after Mittens made his bombastic claim. Chrysler itself said that Romney was lying (in so many words) stating unequivocally that they are not shipping operations to China. That fact did not stop Mittens from obfuscating the truth once again. But at this stage in the election cycle all Mittens has left is obfuscation of the truth. And all his loyal minions who get their news from Fox and from Rush will continue to believe what Mittens said because those sources of “News” wont report anything that shines a negative light on Mittens. Thank “god” and other cosmic deities for MSNBC and Huffington Post for providing facts and the links to back them up.

  • http://www.atpacreo.com Phil B.


    Just look this up!!!! make sure you all listen

  • Dean Wilson

    Let’s see, I’m not saying Romney’s right, but, I don’t believe anything Obama or any of his cronies have to say. I also don’t believe any automaker. All Corporations lie and deceive the general public until they get caught red-handed.

    • Bob

      You just can’t handle the truth can you?

    • jeffrey

      so you love the tax hiding,draft dodging, bain capitolist do you

      • HOUGH


      • Borderbully

        Jeffrey – You have no facts to back up your claims on any of it. I know – he was a missionary in France during ‘Nam. So what? Biden got 4 deferments because he was in college. I don’t think he learned too much there either. Obama has a bogus Selective Service card. Are you going to call out both of them, too? Romney earned his money legally. Where did Obama get his? He’s a multimillionaire, you know. I guess you think it was okay for him to take money from his Chicago thug buddies and he’s still taking from them. Well, maybe not all as one of them is serving time.

  • Ty

    Talk about lying. Obama, Emperor and Chief has from day one. He is a socialist, hates the Jewish people, Loves unions (socialism), Obamacare (socialism), anti god, and is clueless. He hates people who have worked for anything and all he has ever done in his life is be an activist. No real job, EVER. They both lie, i dont think that is debatable. But i trust Romney a 1000% over the current liar and destroyer of our country.

    • Cuss

      Umm, you might not like Obama’s performance, but President of the United States is in fact a real job. Duh.

      • Borderbully

        Cuss – Being President is a real job, I agree. But it’s the only real job he’s every held. The man couldn’t run a lemonade stand and make a profit if he tried. It appears his job is to entertain, and be entertained by, the Hollywoodite airheads, The View and any other third-rate show on TV. He spends more time playing than working. He gives the impression he doesn’t like being President because it interferes in his extracurricular activities. Sad, but true.

  • Rick

    Well, I just read the ENTIRE article. And, while, yes, it was mis-quoted, Romney’s statements were 100% correct. If I tell you the sky is teal, and you quote that I said it was blue, while being misquoted, it does NOT change the fact that the sky IS blue. These jobs are planned to be shipped over to China. Plain and simple, from Chrysler itself. You are equating Romeny’s “mis-quoting” to the usual spell-nazis on the Internet. Just because it is misspelled, does not change the facts.

    • Becker Head

      This ad was not meant for the 1% such a yourself, but to the 99% low information RepubliCan’t electorate who cannot discern the subtle Ro-money lies……
      But then again, you can spin it any way you want, but when the owner of Jeep goes public and calls Romney a liar, then perhaps you are the fool who missed “happy hour.”

      • Borderbully

        Beckerhead – Just like when Obama lied to us that Obamacare was not a tax? Or when he lied that he would not increase taxes on the middle class only now he’s doing a flip-flop because Romney is for the middle class? Or his lie that the Republicans prevented him from getting a handle on the economy and jobs, when he had both Houses controlled by the Dems his first 2 years? Get you left wingnut noggin out from where the sun don’t shine and try to use a little logic – if that’s possible.

      • HOUGH


  • Becker Head

    Messiah-How a Romney presidency will resolve Americas healthcare problems

    And Romney went forth, and saw a great multitude, and the spirit of the Almighty Dollar filled him with the opportunity to exploit a new market. And so, they came unto Him – the sick, the infirm, and the demon possessed – and asked for Him to heal them. Mitt spoke, saying, “If thou has $30 co-pay and insurance card, cast it into the basket before me, and I will heal you.” And those who had $30 co-pay and insurance coverage were healed and they praised the GOP. But the poor among them raised a great lamentation, and said unto Him, “Please heal us also Great One, for we are injured war veterans, we are the poor retirees, we are the mentally disabled, we are children of poor parents who cannot afford insurance, we are students…. WE ARE, the 47% with low paying jobs or unable to work and cannot afford insurance because we have no money.” And he spoke unto them, saying, “Get thee hence, loafers. Am I my brother’s keeper? Am I to be exploited by those who do not care for themselves by going out and getting a job, or two, or three, or four? I work my holy Butt off healing people all day long, and shall I labor for no dollars?” And He cast them further into abject poverty, saying, “I cast thee now where thou art ultimately bound anyway-into the streets. I have no time and use for you…………

    • http://yahoo barbara bowering

      I thought that was very poetic.About time some one had the guts to say something like that.You should be proud of that,I am.That is the absolute truth.GO BECKER HEAD GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Borderbully

        Beckerhead – What utter nonsense. Why don’t you read the Obamacare bill? Or better yet read the CBO report. You just might learn a few things,like how much Obamacare is going to cost the taxpayers. You are a taxpayer, are you not? So do some research – that is if you’re capable of reading, thinking and reasoning for yourself. I dare you!

        • Ed

          Maybe you should read how many of Romney’s five sons served their country in the military.

    • Ty

      Obamacare wont solve that. IT will make it incredibly worse. Why would any smart kid be a doctor when he can be a corrupt lawyer and get paid. they didnt go after the problem. Costs are high. you want health care for the poor. It is called, as it is today, charity hospitals. We still pay for it but that is what it is. Get the lawyers out of the medical field, get monopolies out of the insurance companies, and yes there are gov set monopolies. There’s 2 things that will cut 20-25% out of medical costs. Obama shoved healthcare down our throats and it is a pitiful attempt at reasonableness. We would love to give everyone healthcare, who pays for it……We are tired of paying for everyone else, we have our own problems.

    • Cuss

      Ha ha ha. Brilliant!

    • Who is John Galt

      Now put down your thesaurus and walk away from the computer…But if you must stay, please google the psychological term “projection” which you are surely guilty of in this case. Intelligence is not a public demonstration of your word of the day filled phrases. Just put it the way it is. You’re a far left liberal who really doesn’t know anything about politics and cares about his own agenda. Where I believe that you vote for whats going to be best for the most. I’ve been squeezed too long. Still paying off student loans, no cost of living increases over practically the course of my career and the simple fact that unions protect the common worker more than someone who worked to get a college degree. There is virtually no excuse to not have a college education or 2 year degree now. All these people that did not get a college education should go back to school and quit complaining. It took great sacrafice to get a college degree and I don’t think I should have to hold up all of those that chose to not secure their own future and put the ball in their own hands. Quit making excuses and get to work! If you’re a dinosaur, go back to school. If you’re not smart enough or are unable to get even a 2 year degree, then be thankful that you live in the U.S. because it would be a lot worse somewhere else. Stop your whining. You get out what you put in.

    • Who is John Galt

      Becker, read my last post. It was just for you.

    • HOUGH


    • sae

      You are even more of an ignoramus and biggot than I realized. Romney has lived a life of service outside of the camera! Rare for a politican these days. I bet your service and community record doesn’t even come close. Obama’s sure doesn’t! He only knows how to spend tax dollars (other people’s money)!

  • pvbhix

    Whoa, folks. Let’s slow-down. The very first sentence from the Bloomberg post on October 22 says:
    “Fiat SpA (F), majority owner of Chrysler Group LLC, plans to return Jeep output to China and may eventually make all of its models in that country, according to the head of both automakers’ operations in the region.”

    PLEASE do your own research before buying into media reports.

  • Becker Head

    What an utterly uneducated group of posters this blog attracts. This is where you find the most uninformed bloggers in the blog-sphere. It is amazing why this group is attracted to this blog. I’ve come to the realization that this site has become the central suppository, I mean depository, of Reich Wing bloggers, the most ignorant BLOCK group on the blog-sphere. Led by mostly Cliff Notes constitutionalists, the uneducated congregate with like minds, you know, those that make each other tingle with their hate filled, addle minded rhetoric and crass depiction of people who scare them….which is anyone with an education and can think for themselves, minorities and women. Not surprising, this hillbilly demographic has officially been designated with a new demographic term: RepubliKKKLans-an amalgamation of “severe” Conservatives, Tea Baggers, and the 25% remnants of the “real” Americans (bigots and racists) whose central similarity is their lack of study. This easily manipulated group is quite inexpensive to service……., which is why the RepubliKKKLan leadership has successfully tapped into this mob and easily influenced their pea sized brains, by scaring them that an educated black man is the most powerful man in the world. That’s all it takes to scare the living life out of this truly ignorant class……

    • Cuss

      Amen (and I mean that as a colloquialism, I’m not praising god for this comment).

      • panman

        talk about uneducated, did you know it was the republicans that freed the slaves and again the republicans that gave the blackman the right to vote. This has nothing to do with race, if he did his job maybe there would be a chance he’d still have it.

    • sam

      biggest pile of horse crap i have ever heard and i am a old man

      • Ed

        How many of Romney’s five sons served their country in the military?

        • HOUGH

          OBAMA DID HUH

    • Rick

      You are certainly full of yourself. Thank god for those peple you are putting down!

    • Borderbully

      Becker – Spoken like a faithful left wingnut Liberal. I believe Romney over Obama and Biden about Jeep. Why? Because the 2 Stooges brag that GM car sales are way up when they are down here in the U.S. but up in China. So who’s reaping the profits? Why don’t you do some fact checking on the auto bailout?

      Or Google GM Is Becoming China Motors (speech by GM CEO Fritz Henderson).

    • Rightlee stated

      You are a complete moron! The entire premis for the Democratic party campaign is class warfare! Guess who democrats demonize as the “Right Wing”?… That’s right, you guessed it… THE RICH PEOPLE! They are the “bad evil rich right wingers!” according to most liberal media and blogs. People get rich by being smart, educated, and thinking for themselves. That’s how people become successful. Not by government handouts. You actually believe that you are well educated, and still plan to vote for Obama!? What an idiot. All that shows is that you blindly believe all of the media crap you hear and don’t bother with silly things like the truth. Here… I will give you some idea of what the typical Obama voter sounds like!
      The list goes on and on… I Have seen several of these videos. Before you go blasting republicans about being uneducated, take a look at the liberal demographic first. Obama is depending on the uneducated and uninformed like yourself to go vote for him for your “free birth control” that would otherwise cost about $4/month and your foodstamps. Meanwhile raising taxes on middle class for his unwanted Obamacare that he pushed through congress, and raising corporate taxes to make the US even less competitive in the world market. If you want to live like a third world nation so badly, go move to one. There are plenty that already exist. We don’t need to turn America into one so that we are no longer “the big mean United States” anymore.

    • sae

      Hey, becker head, if you are smarter than those you derride for using this blog site, how come you are on it? Sounds like you are describing yourself. Obama is pathetic as a president, plain and simple–just like Jimmy Carter. No racism, no fear tactics, no ignorance–our economy and diplomatic standing around the world is evidence enough–he has no idea what he is doing and he needs to go. And, ps,the KKK were Southern Democrats–get your facts straight–you are sounding very uneducated!

  • http://webpronews Jason

    Well, its all semantics… To me, using the word shift is accurate. If 100% of Jee’s are produced to the U.S., and then they “shift” production to China so that some percentage is now produced there, that seems accurate to me.

    The real issue should be that since the government’s takeover of GM, 7 out of every 10 GM vehicles are produced in China. That is a statement made by GM CEO and Obama appointee Fritz Henderson to the Chinese this week…

  • Joe

    Ugly racist americans that is way you are hated around the world

    • E

      …don’t like it? then just fuk off!

      • HOUGH


    • Michael

      Hey Joe,

      We don’t like you right back. However, we will be the first ones to assist you when your savage government starts opressing your worthless countrymen and women.

      If you are not an American, stay out of our politics.

    • sae

      Wow, Joe–and your statement is about as ugly and racist as you can get. Apparently you would know.

  • E

    …oh sure…after four years of constant (and pathalogic lying), you think Romney is a liar? Wow, I guess mental illness in more prevelant in the USA than I thought…CONSTANT LIES, EXCUSES AND BLAME,BLAME,BLAME…oh but it’s not MY fault…for FOUR YEARS?
    ANYONE voting for Obama is either mentally-ill, or they just DON’T live in reality…
    We are never going to get a perfect President…but can we at least have one that doesn’t tell us constant lies and doesn’t destroy the country with his incompetence…
    THAT’S what the democrats are worried about…Romnet WILL fix the economy…another democrat won’t be elected for another sixteen years…at least…

    • Ed

      Romney wanted the UAW to drop dead.

      • HOUGH

        ME TOO

      • Michael

        They should. Unions have overstayed their welcome in this economy.

  • Pamala

    I live in Ohio and have stopped watching TV because of all the ads. I have also unplugged my phone because of all the calls. Thank goodness for my netflix.

  • anuel Jackson

    both sides of this two sided election coin are dirty, we need a third party canidate that wants to implement clean energy sources, our dependance on oil,coal,natural gas, and Nuclear energy, must stop, all of these are polluting the planet, but because they can throw “legal bribes” at the politicians they will continue this practice of killing the planet. corporation have bought not only or house of congress but the justice department as well, insider trading by congress persoin should in my opinion should be illegal for anyone, especially those who make the laws,but it has become common for the corporation to buy a vote, or get a bill passed that benifits them and not the people as a whole!remember they work for us the tax payer, but the religious right needs to dissconect themselves from congress, those who think mitt would be better are as blind as those who support obama, the twep party system is far to corrupt we need a third party canidate that care about the people and there freedoms, obvisiouly none of the current administration really cares about our civil liberties, they want to pass laws that infringe on our civilian liberties, how many of you even heard of Jill Stein’s arrest on the steps of the Hofstra university, she is for the Green Party, who wants to go to clean burning energies like solar and wind the true renewable resource!

  • The Truth

    The second video is such a lie… The past 4 years he has lied, and obama bin laden should be a national disgrace among American society.

    • http://Yahoo Dianne

      MITT lies all the time Mitt has flipped on every single position he has held. He can NOT be trusted Your vile name calling ‘ Obama bin laden’ shows how low you folks will go to crush Obama .It was Obama who got BIN laden & top al qauda
      Your man Bush just gave up like the coward he is
      Mission Accomplished ? ? NOT BY Bush Cheney & Co

      • sae

        Wow, Dianne. Very objective argument–not! The reality is that the Dems could be kept busy enough scrutinizing their own candidate’s lies, and lets begin with ‘Benghazi-gate’!No one has lied more every time he opens his mouth than Obama.

  • Charles

    What a joke/ distraction from all this ‘slow traum’ (obama)guy has done to America in the last 4 years….. WAKE UP…. Vote Romney….!!

  • Markj

    It is true that at least one of Chryslers vendors is off shoring its manufacturing to China. Specifically Borg Warner. Even Honda does it with there transmissions. That is why they don’t last like they used to. Look it up. Then stop crying.

  • rjack58

    “Let Detroit GO Bankrupt!” So said Obama??

    • http://Yahoo Dianne

      so said Romney

  • Sandy

    Point Being : Jeep is adding jobs & production in America .. But , in Global market – to China , it makes sense to also make Jeeps in China for China. Does not Toyota , Kia , VW etc not make cars in America ? Romney mislead DELIBERATELY to try & seed fear & divisiveness !

    • Daniel

      Please read my post

  • http://Yahoo Dianne

    NO US Chrysler jobs were sent to China ! Obama saved US auto industry jobs by giving them a loan when NO private Co would do so Mitt said Let them die. Obama made it a priority to kill bin laden killer of 3000 Americans Making US safer Bush said ‘I’m not worried about Bin laden ‘ Check the record on you tube gullible Fox fans

  • Sandy

    Can Romney REALLY “win” on issues ? I think not Unless true believer in Supply-side economics … that mass tax breaks to wealthy will “trickle -down” to all us working poor & create a great prosper society ! ALL other issues Romney has shifted positions on to whatever…..

    • Bill

      Obama saved “SOME” jobs….. for UNION workers. 2200 dealers were shut down (PRIVATE BUSINESSES) with ZERO compensation. Thousands of workers ….. mainly NON-UNION ….. lost their jobs (including myself) also. YES, Obama saved the high profile union positions …. but screwed as more than he “saved”. So saving Detroit depends on who’s job you are looking at.

      • Ryan

        Maybe if you were smart enough to join a union your expendable ass wouldn’t have lost his job. Why dont you try higher education?

  • Gabriel

    I would love for one of these sexist Republican politicians to adopt a baby of color from a mother who was sexually assaulted. For sure they would create a new tax deduction category that only elitist pigs could qualify for.

  • http://yahoo.com Jim

    Mitt has shown a weakness I find in moral religious hyprocrits. This push to win at all costs has got to leave one wondering what manner of man is this Mitt fellow. He’s thrown out alot this past month and it’s serving the purpose of defusing what he, Mitt has been quilty of in the past. The spin factor. As Bain’s CEO companies they have bought out did in fact outsource jobs to China. With this accusation of Jeeps it’s made you focus on this untruth and not recall Mitt’s past transgressions. Mitt has flunked just about every fact check. Waiting for one regarding him leading Ma. to the top in education. Robert Nemeth respected columnist (republican) stated in his column that the 1993 reform law of Ma. produced remarkable improvement. High standards, mandatory testing and the commitment of huge sums of money propelled the Bay State to national prominence in teaching and learning. Mitt didn’t come along until 2002. So far as working with democrats in the majority of the legislature is was the opposite. Dems worked with Romney. Why, cause republicans ruled that office for a straight sixteen years. Bill Weld, was one and he endorsed Obama in 2008. Seems he won’t be doing that this time around as he was recruited from his New York law firm of fifteens years to join one of Boston’s biggest law firms headed by one of Weld/s past gubertorial high ranking appointments by Weld. Great game this politics. some day (eons from now) integrity and a strict code of ethics will rule government.

  • DShaver

    You can’t believe a word Romney says. He changes it too fast. He also says he won’t let the millionaires 12 year tax break end because they create jobs. If that were true after 12 years of Bushes tax breaks we should have more jobs then we can fill. Romney says he’ll let Congress decide what deductions to get rid of. Do we really want Congress driving us to another cliff? As for Obamacare thank God we have a President that stood up to big insurance co. As my mom laid dying in our home from a brain tumor all our belongings were auctioned off to afford her healthcare. Our Insurance Co. cancelled her policy because cancer treatments cost too much. She died 10 months later. That yr. the Insurance co. got huge bonuses. Criminal charges should have been brought on them. That was 31 yrs. ago. I cried the day Obama signed Obamacare into law because big insurance co. can’t do that to anyone else ever again. I also work in the medical field. Vouchers don’t work. Example; Medicare gives 8 weeks for physical therapy to the elderly. Vouchers give 1 week. We can’t tell them to get rid of their vouchers and go back to Medicare, but thats just what I’d tell them if they were my mother. As far as Romney lowering middle class taxes, well if he lowers your taxes and your deductions you don’t come out any better. I’d like to know why he has his money in banks in 3 other countries. Only one reason is so Mr. 14% can avoid paying taxes on that money. My vote is for Obama!

    • Daniel

      Please look at my post

    • Joey

      you are nucking futs.

  • http://yahoo.com Jim

    Forgot one important aspic of Mitt’s misfiring on facts. Massachusetts has a law that all governors have to balance the budget. Mitt raided the “Rainy Day Fund” has always has over 500,000 to one billion dollars in the fund. Mitt used this to balance his budget. Secondly, the Olympics he brags about. The mayor of the Utah city where the Olympics was held imposed a special Olympic tax and raised 50 million for the Olympics and the federal government kicked in over 300 million. So who saved who.

  • Sam

    Of course, Romney will win.

    • Ray

      Bleeding heart liberals looking for a handout.

  • Arthur Baisley

    More BS from the writer and the untruthful Obama camp.

  • Dean Hawkins

    Who gives a damn? It’s not up to us peons, anyway.

  • steve

    what was wrong with Mitt’s comments were that Obama has no plans to move Jeep until after the election

  • Big Mike

    I work in insurance and what Mitt wants to do is go back to the Insurance companies deciding if n when they should pay for ur care. Monies is deducted form ur pay check for ur health insurance, but in the end insurance companies treat u like car insurance companies treat drivers. They don’t mind paying for the small stuff. When something big happens, they forget that u have been paying health insurance all these years. My industry is making a killing. We set our own rules. We a spending Billions on ADs making people think ObamaCare is bad. Truth is ObamaCare is a great ideal, but who wants to pay for it. The way I see it thats where the rubber hits the road.
    Just wait until u really need us to pay for care u need to save ur life.

  • Desertskyfall

    Remember that vacation your rich sister-in-law took you on – the cruise she paid for? You got a room with a small window just above the waterline while she enjoyed a Balcony Suite with wet bar and jacuzzi on the upper deck?
    That’s the Romney plan.

    • Joey

      sounds like a Moochelle vacation.

  • Desertskyfall

    You realize that at least half of the mob outside the Consulate in Benghazi were trying to stop the terrorists. Libya’s government and its people are pro-American and Ambassador Stevens was well liked in the community – hence the riots days after the attack where they were disarming Muslim extremists.

  • Andy Fatman

    Romney is a business man who made it his business while running Banes capital outsourcing jobs to China. Of Course when he reads an article in Bloomberg news about Chrysler studying the Chinese market, the first thing that jumps to his mind is outsourcing jobs to China, because that is what he would do, has done, and will probably do again. Wake up and smell the Roses, America, Romney isn’t for the working Joe.

    • MittWitt Hater


    • Joey

      Obongo is for the working spear chucker.

  • Patrick

    The additional mistruth in the Romney ad is that General Motors is only owned by a 20% stake by Fiat. The other 80% is owned by the AMERICAN Auto workers Union.

    • john

      you must be a union member robert . nice job of stealing u.s tax payers stock . a investment we the people will never see a return on

    • Joey

      UAW what a bunch of alcoholic drug using scum.

  • megan

    jeep is not an american company anyway it was bought out by Daimler aka Mercedes…. so how is america losing

  • Joey

    The USA outsourced the presidency to Kenya.

    • ray gradual

      Joey is a jerk!

  • http://elkwood77 Roy

    All of you defending Obama better get the facts straight. Romney’s ad is just a little off in the fact that Chrysler is exploring opening more production in China not sending jobs to China. However you say it if Chrysler opens more production, rather than ship jobs, it still takes jobs away from the US. Just a play on words but has the same affect, less jobs in the US. This is the THANKS the US gets for bailing their butts out. I will never own a vehicle that has been made in Commy China, nor support any car company that does.

    • Big Mike

      So it’s OK to lie a little… Very slippery stuff.

  • Calvin

    Chrysler brands are Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, and Fiat. None of them are made in China
    I own a 1992 Jeep and it is one of the best vehicles I have owned. It was made in America just like all the Jeeps before and after. I work for Chrysler so what follows is a true timeline on how Chrysler got to where it is now with profits up 80% since last year. In 1987, Chrysler acquired the American Motors Corporation (AMC). AMC was the fourth largest U.S. automaker and the takeover put the Jeep brand into Chrysler ownership, and the two brands within AMC are the AMC brand and the Jeep Brand.
    In 1998 Daimler-Benz and Chrysler agree to combine their businesses in a “merger of equals” forming DaimlerChrysler AG (aka Chrysler Group in the U.S.)
    May 27, 2007, DaimlerChrysler sold Chrysler Group to a private equity firm, Cerberus Capital Management, LP, hence becoming Chrysler LLC.
    After severe market conditions forced Chrysler into bankruptcy in 2009,
    Chrysler forms an alliance with FIAT SpA and emerges from bankruptcy in just weeks-and astounding achievement. The new Chrysler Group LLC formed from that alliance is stronger, more efficient, and better positioned to survive in a rapidly changing automotive marketplace.
    If people would do proper research before they open their mouths, they wouldn’t come out looking like liars and ignorant.

  • http://yahoo don

    It amazes me how many Republicans are willing to support Romney’s obvious lies like this blatant misquotation about moving Jeep to China. Even when Chrysler itself goes out of it’s way to confirm that Romney is 100% WRONG about this the Republicans are still all over the place telling people to believe Romney’s lies.

    Romney DID NOT SUPPORT the government loan to the auto industry. Without it most of our auto JOBS WOULD BE IN CHINA RIGHT NOW. Obama SUPPORTED the government loan to the auto industry and that is why those JOBS ARE STILL HERE.

    I hope any unbiased and reasonable people out there reading this are willing and able to distinguish between facts and lies. The Republicans and their surrogates are counting on people not understanding when they are being lied to. If regular Republicans would stop supporting the lies of candidates like Romney and the lies of entities like Fox News or Limbaugh, the Republican party would begin to be a more respectable choice, as it was 40-50+ years ago.

  • Jason

    So basically, there is not one lie in this ad. Romney didn’t say anything in the ad about closing jobs here and moving them to china. This is no different than Obama saying he created 5 million jobs. Why leave off the 4 million jobs lost during the same time frame? So only a net gain of 1 million jobs which is not very impressive. All politicians distort the facts. Grow up people.

    The truth is that Chrysler could build the vehicles here and we could export the vehicles to China and create jobs here like we should be. However, in the real world that is probably not economically feasible since the vehicle would probably cost more money than the Chinese would be willing to pay and the program would be a big bust.

    PS. My job figures are only an example, I did not intend them to be accurate. I was just making a point on how ALL politicians use facts that support there agendas, including Obama.