Rolling Stones to Retire? Not So, Says the Band

By: WebProNews Staff - June 18, 2012

The Rolling Stones, after several decades of touring, will perform their final concert at Glastonbury sometime next year. Sources close to the band say that Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, and Ronnie Wood are officially ending the band after one final blow-out concert for their fans. Since the guys are getting up in age — three of them are pushing 70, while one has already crossed that line — another around-the-world tour just isn’t the cards.

“All four members have agreed that next year is the right time to have one final hurrah and put on the gig of their lives,” a source said. “It’s as case of now or never, and obviously Glastonbury is the most important festival on the circuit. Everybody’s incredibly excited. It’s a final bow.”

That’s what The Mirror would have you believe, anyway. This, of course, is news to the band.

According to The Guardian, The Rolling Stones, who have been performing as a group since 1962, have absolutely no plans to retire next year. A representative for the band explained that these sort of rumors are really nothing new. What’s more, the band isn’t currently scheduled to perform at the upcoming festival at Worthy Farm in 2013.

“Everybody in the year off thinks they’ve come up with the perfect Glastonbury lineup. But at the moment there isn’t anything to confirm or deny,” a representative explained.

Take a breath, Rolling Stones fans. Your heroes are still hard at work.

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  • marissa morocco

    Glad to hear it, love these guys!!!

  • Nite Owel

    Retiring? Again? Oh No…say it aint so… 😀

  • kristyk2

    I LOVE the band. I was almost sick when I read the first part of the article.

  • Bryan Richardson

    Charlie’s over 70 and still banging the blues/rock. And Mike Love from the Beach Boys is about 70! Some people just keep it rockin’!

  • gibsonguy

    It’s a good idea , they’ve had a good run and they have done amazingly well with not much musical ability .

    • Dennis


  • Art

    Love the Stones. Saw them in Seattle last tour, and would love to see them one more time. Rock-On Boys!!

  • Greg Burns

    This could be the last time? Maybe the last time, I don’t know, but I hope not……I have allways been a stones fan

  • Dennis

    I’m 61 and think that it’s amazing how the Stones have lasted all these years. I appreciate their accomplishments, their history and the music but….if someone gave me a Stones concert ticket I would go, but at the same time…….if I never saw the Stones ever perform again it would be OK. Again, I am 61 and that is one tired old act. Cheers.

  • little sis

    I have been to many Stones concerts and have always really liked them. But you know, I think it’s time boys…you all need to sit this one out. You like the people at my aunt’s nursing home.

    • carlosra

      Yes. The Stones last tour should include Bill Wyman and Mick Taylor. That is the best homage to our beloved buddies

  • C

    Bring back Bill Wyman and Mick Taylor for the last ever gig of The Stones. The fans would love it.

  • Beeboe

    The best rock band ever on the planet!

  • marcelino cabello

    keep singing, you are still young

  • Gail

    Good Grief, I saw em the first time in 1970 and about 15 times after that…..I figured they’d still be rocking after I’m dead and gone!!!! lol….glad to hear the retiremen is false!!!!

  • Craig Eliot

    why would I want to see old men? ew!

    • gar

      If you don’t know it isn’t worth explaining it to ya. No one comes close to their live shows. basing something on age color sex etc
      They have a name for a person who does that

  • kenneth

    while I think Keith,Charlie and Ronnie would been great we wouldnt want Sir Mick to break a hip or something like that,he worked so hard to get his status and he has always been a little frail! LMAO rock on !

  • http://none joe bond

    Put up the best 12 Beatle songs against the best Stone songs. Its not even a contest. Beatles all in. If you don’t understand, you don’t belong in the conversation.

    • William Travis

      The Beatles havn’t got soul in their music.

    • Mike

      @ joe

      Music is subjective and is not a mathematical equation. It’s simply a matter of personal taste.

      Everyone belongs in the conversation. I don’t think it’s fair to say either is “hands down” anything. Some people are convinced Mozart is better than either band and teenage girls think Justin Beiber is more talented than the Stones and Beatles put together!

      I’ve never been a big Beatles fan. They were only around for a few years and broke up by the time I was 6 years old. I’ve seen the Stones live twice. The last time I saw the Stones the Beatles had broken up 35 years earlier!

  • http://none joe bond

    Take the best Beatles tunes, compare them to the best Stones tunes, then there you are. All in. Beatles win alone for writing, listening ability. Props to George Martin. A genius.

    • William Travis

      Are you kidding me ???? The Rolling Stones are what rock-n roll should sound like. The Beatles were too white sounding and polite. !!!! Give me the ranch and roll of the Rolling Stones anyday, any hour, and any minute of the day.

    • gar

      Stones are the best live band then and now it’s not even a contest

  • Papashoe

    What a career! Easily in the top 2. You pick ’em.
    Beatles or Stones – Stones or Beatles
    Untouchable, but, all good things got to come to an end!
    Lots of great memories here.

  • Al Perschilli

    Simply put,the Stones are the “Greatest Rock N’ Roll Band in the World”

  • James J Kelliher

    the stones are the best thing that ever happed to rock & roll no matter what age you go stones!

    • gar

      last time I saw them was in 2005 xcell arena and they were outstanding… the best I’ve seen

  • LInda

    The Stones are the best! Have seen them live 4 or 5 times, and will go again if they decide to tour! I’ve saved my t-shirts and ticket stubs!

  • Paul McFarlane

    To gibsonguy you are a complete idiot.You should be seen and not heard or put in print.The greatest rock and roll band EVER.One more tour boys so the true fans can make arrangements to witness one final performance.

  • http://yahoo nick matta

    the stones are the greatest in the world they stand alone in there music the beatles were good but they were not the bad boys of rock like the stones.there will be no other keef and no other lenon you cannot compare the two bands they were both differant in there own ways,but when you think of rock and roll you think leather crud cool and have the rock which is kieth richards and the roll which is mick jagger.need i say more.

    • Scott

      You’re absolutely stoned if you think the Rolling Stones hold a candle to the Beatles.

    • Scott

      You’re absolutely stoned if you think the Rolling Stones hold a candle to the Beatles.

      • MeforPrez

        You’re absolutely stoned if you think the Beatles can hold a candle to the Rolling Stones.

      • Marlon Jackson

        The beatles are killed by RAID!!

  • April Haynes

    I almost dropped to my knees yesterday when I heard they were calling in quits. I’d be 2 inches taller if I hadn’t spent years dancing to the stones. I have seen them 3 times.
    One more time boys, a world tour for all !!!!!!!!!!!

  • StonesFan

    They were the greatest in their day which has long since passed. It was painful watching them play the superbowl a few years back. I hope they retire before they lose what dignity is left.

  • MeforPrez

    I can easily solve the Greatest Rock Band debate: Led Zeppelin

  • MeforPrez

    I would absolutely buy a ticket for the Stones 17th Farewell tour!!

  • fidel

    Robert Plant put it best: The Beatles are the gratest pop band. The Stones are the greatest rock an roll band and Led Zeppelin are the greatest rock band. I totally agree. You cannot compare oranges with apples. Long may live the Sones.

  • http://Facebook Donna Evans

    I say the Beatles are the preamble to the Constitution of Rock and Roll and The Rolling Stones are the body of The Constitution. Therefore no band trumps the Rolling Stones!