Rolling Stone Rocks Digital Edition

    November 6, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The latest print copy of Rolling Stone also appears in a free online version, the first time the magazine has created a full digital issue.

Digital edition of Rolling Stone It’s time to give the big-screen monitor a workout. The digital edition of Rolling Stone arrived online as a full version of the print edition.

The Rolling Stone blog noted the publishing of the cover to cover digital edition, arriving as the newsstand version lands on store shelves with a loud thump. Korean appliance giant LG sponsored the special publishing effort.

Olive Software’s ActiveMagazine runs the show for Rolling Stone. Everything looks as clear as a reader could want it to be. That’s important as reading a lot of content on a computer screen can be demanding on the eyes.

Navigation within the digital edition works well. We easily jumped from the table of contents to an interview with World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee, who backs Net Neutrality and mentions his ongoing work with the “semantic web” and the data linking that entails.

The best thing about the digital edition is it’s a simple Alt+Tab away from a spreadsheet that makes it look like you’re working when the boss comes strolling around looking for his TPS reports. Rock on, readers.