Roller Coaster Death in North Texas

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Fox News reports that a woman was thrown from a roller coster to her death on Friday at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington.

Investigators are still piecing together exactly what happened, but there are initial reports that the woman may have expressed concern that her safety restraint on the Texas Giant roller coaster, a ride billed as the steepest wooden coaster anywhere, was not properly secured.

Carmen Brown of Arlington was waiting to get on the ride at the same time as the woman and said, “They didn’t secure her right. One of the employees from the park — one of the ladies — she asked her to click her more than once, and they were like, `As long you heard it click, you’re OK.’ Everybody else is like, `Click, click, click.’ Hers only clicked once. Hers was the only one that went down once, and she didn’t feel safe, but they let her still get on the ride.”

Brown said she was next in line behind the woman and saw her being strapped into her seat next to her son. “We heard her screaming. We were like, `Did she just fall?”‘ Brown said.

The park issued a statement about the woman’s death and closed the ride.

“We are deeply saddened to share that earlier this evening an adult woman died in the park while on the Texas Giant. Park medical staff and local paramedics responded immediately. Since the safety of our guests and employees is our number one priority, the ride has been closed pending further investigation. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends during this difficult time,” the statement said.

The identity of the woman has not yet been released.

The accident comes on the same day that a water ride at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio also malfunctioned, rolling backward down its initial hill and flipping over backward, injuring 7 people.

Roller Coaster Death in North Texas
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  • Matt Hewlett

    One correction/clarification. Whoever said the restrains “click” is either lying or getting it wrong. The Texas Giant, as well as all other coasters with Gerstlauer trains, have hydraulic restraints. The don’t click, ever. The are push into place, and the hydraulics keep it in place, silently.
    Know what you’re talking about before you report it, please.

    • Carl

      You Matt are a fool. Why would an innocent bystander make this up?

      • Joey

        Sorry Carl, Matt is correct. There are no clicks with the restraints on the Texas Giant, it is a hydraulic system that is pushed into place. The reason the word ”clicks” is being used because that’s all anyone knows. I’ve worked at the park on the ride since it’s remodel, we are trained specifically on the restraints as it is a unique restraint system.

        • H

          Well it is obvious that the attendant this particular situation did not know what he/she was doing.

    • k

      Actually Matt, the restraints do make a “clicking” noise none of them are silent. I was at six flags last week so sir get your information right before you comment. Thanks

      • Joey

        Everything on the ride is hydraulic based, sorry, but you’re wrong to, Don’t even say I’m not when I DO know what I’m talking about since I have first hand experience with these complicated machines. All the other rides in the park have a different system, even Titan where you hear ”clicks”. Not the Texas Giant.

        • Ryan

          The Iron Rattler in San Antonio has hydraulic restraints that make zero noise and was remade by the Rocky Mountain Construction, the same company that remade Texas Giant. There really are new restraints that don’t make the familiar “click” noise.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/mike-tuttle Mike Tuttle

      What we reported was not about how the restraints work. We reported a quote from a bystander. The quote is accurate. If she is wrong, and you may well be correct about that, someone from Six Flags may address that.

      • Joey

        Oh yes I understand you’re just repeating the quote. I was just correcting the ignorance of all these now sudden ”roller coaster experts” who believe everything they see and hear.

        • Mick

          The point is the woman is dead. It seems to have occurred because of a problem with her safety restraint. Clicks, whirrs, or other noises may have been indicators of the cause, but she is DEAD. Joey, I care less if you are right or wrong…hydraulics fail too.

          • Joey

            I understand that, you miss my point. My point is for whoever quoted that everyone else’s restraint clicked like it should normally is wrong. They don’t do that. It’s sad that someone died on the ride and I send my condolences. But at the end of the day driving a car, flying in a plane, even eating a sandwich is more dangerous than a roller coaster and the media is turning it into a firestorm that is unwarranted.

  • http://yahoo tom cannard

    Joey,you want to see media fire storming,check out the whole martin Zimmerman hype,4 dead black kids in detriot gunned down by other blacks, but its all about the Mexican defending himself from a black kid, now that’s media fire storming, in the mean time, there’s untold people dying everyday from boating and other water accidents, but yea, lets piss people off over a rollercoaster ride death cause that’s what the people want, right??

  • Adam

    Go on youtube and look at the old version versus the new version. The new version has much more steep turns that turn you completely sideways. They however, didn’t add any more safety features for this. Just a simple lap bar. That’s the design flaw. Shoulder restraints should have been added. Had the women not been heavy set, she may have been fine, but she probably just slid out.

    • Adam

      I would like to know facts on whether or not the lap bar was still in it’s locked position when the train returned to the station. That would pretty much give the answer to what happened.

  • H

    I wouldn’t care if they click, click, click or not, attendants are supposed to check and make sure that everyone is locked in, safe and secure. The point is a woman lost her life, because of someones lack of responsibility, knowledge, and training.

  • Christina Dunigan

    I wish the reporters would to a bit of actual RESEARCH. What sort of restraint system? Does it “click” into place? Etc. Instead they keep rehashing the same things.

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