Rogue Dolphin Terrorizes Lake Residents

    June 27, 2012
    Chris Gabbard
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A rogue dolphin has started menacing the residents of an upscale waterfront community outside of New Orleans. The animal was swimming in Lake Pontchartrain in Slidell, Louisiana when his pod left and he was left stranded in the lake. The dolphins originally made their way into the lake shortly after hurricane Katrina. It was only until recently that the pod up-and-left. All but one, and local residents are finding out why.

The guy is a jerk. Or rather, he is becoming a jerk after the residents have taken to interacting with the creature in a way they shouldn’t. Stacey Horstman, a bottlenose dolphin conservation coordinator who reports to the NOAA Fisheries Service, told ABC News that she spent two days observing the dolphin. During that time she saw people encircling and corralling the dolphin with their boats and jet ski’s attempting to force an interaction. The combination of being isolated from his pod and being constantly bothered by humans is making the dolphin aggressive.

“The dolphin is showing normal male dominance behavior. However, these behaviors are misdirected at people and boats because of people interacting with him,” she said. Stacey and fellow wildlife coordinators are advising that people stay away from the dolphin until they figure out what to do. Right now there are no plans to have him removed from the lake.

“The most effective and safe solution for the dolphin and people is to change our human behaviors that have created his behaviors,” said Hortsman. “Therefore, we currently don’t plan to move the dolphin for this reason and because research also shows that relocating animals is not an effective or long-term solution.”

Many residents, who have named him the Slidell dolphin, don’t want to see him go. “He’s my neighbor,” a local man said the ABC. Another said, “He’s not in a natural environment. Maybe they should find him a girlfriend.”

  • Taylor

    Why the need for the sensationalized, dolphin-slandering headline? Why not add to the kindness and understanding of the world and write something closer to the truth. The poor dolphin is completely alone and is reacting completely apppropriately to obnoxious humans threatening him.

    • Animals Don’t Have Rights

      “Why the need for the sensationalized, dolphin-slandering headline?”

      Maybe the same reason you feel the need to oversensationalize with idiotic expressions like “dolphin-slandering”, and blathering a bunch of abstract hogwash about kindness and understanding.

      • http://yahoo David

        I’m no PETA freak, but, actually, I do think this dolphin has a right…a right for these warm-fuzzy morons to leave him the f**k alone. If I want to cuddle up with an animal, my dog fits the bill perfectly. She’s been bread for centuries to be the domesticated pooch she is today. Wild animals, however intelligent they are, operate on a principle of survival. A bunch of psycho “animal lovers” who want to get close to this critter should be bitten. I’ll even give the dolphin one of his favorite fish for each one he bites.

      • Animals have more rights than people!

        Seriously dude, shut the F**K up.

        • Animals have more rights than people!

          My last comment was @ Animals don’t have rights.

  • Guest

    He just wants his FEMA check.

  • Andy

    This headline should read “Rogue Lake Residents Terrorize Dolphin”

    Journalism is dead. It has been replaced by sensationalism to maximize ad revenue.

    • Animals Don’t Have Rights

      Just shut the Hell up, for your own sake.

      • jane dough

        You’re an idiot. You’re the one who should have no rights.

  • Kam

    kill it.

  • Nene

    They should remove the human jerks that are harassing the animal. He is not responsible for our stupidity. Maybe someone will care enough not to hurt him anymore…

  • mike zenk

    I’m going to have to agree with Kam,These creature’s are highly inteligent,diabolical and fast as lighting waiting to strike with no remorse when angered.

  • Teresa

    Leave the poor thing alone.

  • Dawn

    “he guy is a jerk. Or rather, he is becoming a jerk after the residents have taken to interacting with the creature in a way they shouldn’t.”

    WTH? Is this journalist referring to the dolphin as being a guy and a jerk? I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at how badly written this article is to begin with. And I agree with the others here that the least we could do would be to tell the truth and not sensationalize. Poor dolphin.

  • Diana

    that is incredibly sad and terrible, just who is the real jerk here? I think that is obvious. Poor thing.

  • Maria

    Article should be titled Local Residents terrorizes lonely Dolphin. Hello people leave the poor thing alone! How would you like a bunch of people circling around you and bothering you. This Dolphin is no different. Actualy they are smarter then all of the idiots bothering it!

    • Animals Don’t Have Rights

      Smarte than YOU, maybe.

      • williams

        Nice retort. Perhaps do a little proofreading next time you decide to pronounce your superiority.

      • Animals have more rights than people!

        Animals don’t have rights? Are YOU really THAT stupid? Maybe you need to use your computer to do a little research on dolphins and you will find that it is a PROVEN fact that Dolphins ARE smarter than humans. And the dolphin is in it’s natural habitat, the people are bothering it. What do people do when someone uninvited bothers them in their home, they fight back…that is what this dolphin is doing. maybe Mr. “Aninmals Don’t have Rights”, you need to pull your brain out of your butt before you think and then speak.

        • Jake

          You’re an idiot, dolphins proven smarter than humans? obviously they’re smarter than some people (wink wink)

  • Cindy

    “Can we all just get along?” Look, whoever inadvertently got this dolphin to this point just didn’t know better. Don’t blame them and let’s put the “kill” idea away (now that’s sensationalizing!). If left to their own designs, I’m sure the folks on Lake Ponchatrain (sp?) and their newest neighbor can work through this. Give them all a break!

  • Donna

    People are so &*%#@ stupid. Oh, something new! Let’s torment it!

  • rav555

    See what happens when you piss Flipper off!

  • wayneace

    to bad were gonna kill off every cool animal before we get off this planet and start screwing up the rest of the galaxy if we dont make the earth uninhabitable before we get there. damn cockroaches and flies will take over. extinct extinct

  • Ryan Deguzman

    This is the cutest form of terrorism ever

  • Greg

    I am with the guy who said we need to get him a girl friend. Dolphins are highly social animals. Being alone is definitely creating some problems here!

  • Walter

    Leave the poor animal alone !

  • bob

    If you want it to leave,just make it buy health insurance!

  • http://yahoo joanne

    I say, leave the poor thing alone….let him swim without fear of being hurt or abused by boaters and ski boats….they are very beautiful to watch doing their own thing without being approached by humans and their “playful terrorizing” this beautiful creature. Grow up. This is not showing children how to treat animals on land or sea.

  • Michaela Ross

    I would be aggressive too if my family had left me alone and people were circling and being rude. Dolphins may be social creatures, but they need space too just like everyone else. Stop bothering him and trying to get him to “interact”. He will do it on his terms, if at all.

  • mike

    CHOOT ‘EM !!

  • Susan

    Get him a girlfriend. Then he can start his own pod.