Rodney Dangerfield: Late Comedian's Sweat in Fridge

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Rodney Dangerfield died back in 2004, but a part of him remains firmly implanted in this world. The comedian--known for his famous line, "I don't get no respect," lives on--in a manner of speaking. His widow, Joan Dangerfield, keeps her late husband's sweat in her refrigerator.

Now, lest you immediately label Dangerfield's widow as a weirdo--which, of course, on some level she must be (she keeps sweat in her fridge!)--do note that the idea behind this rather disgusting action was a combined effort. Yes, it was both Rodney and Joan's idea to save his sweat. It all goes back to Elvis Presley.

"I discovered that Elvis had a handkerchief that was apparently stained with his sweat and it went for a lot of money. So Rodney had a 'eureka' moment. He said, 'I sweat more than anybody! My sweat has to be as good as Elvis' sweat, right?'" Joan Dangerfield said in a recent interview on The TODAY Show

She went on to tell how she ordered perfume bottles and set about the (gross) task of 'harvesting' her husband's sweat.

"My job became the 'sweat collector,' " she said. "I'd take a sponge and spoon and collect his sweat — about an inch at a time. I thought we could water it down but he said, 'No, that wouldn't be right.'"

If you're not gagging yet, keep reading.

Both Joan and Rodney Dangerfield were rather dismayed when they learned that the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino--where Rodney did a lot of his performances during his latter years--wouldn't allow them to sell bottles of his sweat before and after his performances, citing an insurance issue. Just imagine what the people at MGM must have thought when they were presented with this sickening notion. Sure, kids love the idea of catching a rock star's sweaty towel or t-shirt when it's tossed into the crowd at a concert--but come on. Who on earth would buy a bottle of someone's sweat?

Joan says Rodney was heartbroken when he learned the sweat couldn't be marketed. By then, of course, they had collected an unfathomable amount of sweat into the little perfume vials. What could they possibly do with all that sweat?

The sweat--now described as a "cloudy fluid" is in Rodney Dangerfield's widow's refrigerator in a Tupperware container. She transfers it into crystal decanters for 'special occasions.'

Rodney Dangerfield's sweat has certainly kept tweeters abuzz in recent days.

Just when you think it can't get any worse than saving sweat, it's important to note that Joan has some of Rodney Dangerfield's blood stored away, too. The comedian once talked of cloning himself, and Joan hasn't ruled out the idea.

Do these bizarre actions label the late Rodney Dangerfield and his widow Joan Dangerfield eccentric? Might that be a kind way of describing what most will likely call 'sick' or 'disgusting' instead?

Hopefully this new revelation about Rodney Dangerfield's sweat won't cast an unfavorable light on the late comedian. His internationally renown comedy lives on, and he should be recognized solely for his talent, including those famous one-liners.

Maybe Joan Dangerfield believes that preserving Rodney's sweat gives him that respect he was constantly seeking?

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