Rocketinfo Adds RSS Feature on Search Engine

    September 28, 2004

Rocketinfo has added the ability to create “custom RSS feeds” on RocketNews, the company’s award winning current news search engine.

RSS stands for “really simple syndication” (or “rich site summary”) and is a simple means of presenting online information from virtually all accessible news stories derived from 11.000 internet sites and 70,000 RSS and weblog sources. The format is rapidly gaining popularity as a fast and efficient way to deliver and read content from websites and weblogs.

“We wanted to give RocketNews users the ability to build searches one time and receive the results anytime, anywhere using the RSS reader of their choice,” said Rocketinfo CTO Rick Van Well. “Our experience in the search industry made it natural for us to bring search capability together with RSS.”

This latest improvement means that visitors to RocketNews can create searches precisely matching their information needs, and receive the results on an ongoing basis as a customized RSS feed. The strength of the RocketNews search engine is an unmatched content database. With over 11,000 internet news sources and 70,000 RSS and weblog sources, RocketNews boasts more content from a wider variety of sources than any other news search engine. By comparison, Google News draws from only 4,500 sources and does not offer RSS feeds.

In recent months the popularity of RSS has exploded. Once found almost exclusively on weblogs and technology sites, RSS feeds are now being provided by leading publishers such as the New York Times, the BBC, Reuters and Time Magazine.

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