ROCCAT Brings Their "A" Game To CES


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One of the best PC peripheral makers is finally bringing their products to the US market.

ROCCAT Studios, a German manufacturer of professional PC gaming devices and equipment, revealed at CES today the full details of their entrance into the US market.

Beginning in mid-February, Amazon will begin shipping out ROCCAT’s lineup of gaming keyboards, mice, headsets and additional accessories. The three main products being shown at CES are the Isku illuminated gaming keyboard, the Kone[+] gaming mouse and the Kave 5.1 Surround Sound gaming headset.

The Isku keyboard may just look like an awesome illuminated keyboard until it’s combined with the Kone[+] gaming mouse. The two accessories use the company’s proprietary ROCCAT Talk protocol which allows the keyboard and mouse to communicate. This allows the user to execute mouse macros quickly with the keyboard. It also allows for the user to control the dpi settings of the mouse through the keyboard for precise aiming. The keyboard will be available for $89.99 in mid-February.

The Kone[+] gaming mouse is by itself a ridiculous piece of hardware with a 6000dpi laser sensor that works with a 10.5 megapixel resolution and 1000Hz polling rate. Essentially, this mouse is ridiculously fast and can react to all kinds of movement without any kind of input lag.

The mouse also features software that allows the user to assign two functions to each mouse button, effectively doubling its usefulness. The mouse itself houses 576kb of onboard memory that will save up to five control profiles so switching between settings isn’t even a problem. It also features 20 presets for the top 20 PC games on the market right now. Last but not least, it features a weight system comprising four 5g weights allowing the user to customize the weight of the mouse to their preference. The mouse will be available in mid-February as well for $79.99.

Finally, there is the Kave 5.1 surround soung gaming headset. While seemingly not as fantastic as the mouse and keyboard combo, it would not be wise to count this headset out. It’s your standard surround sound headset with a great desktop remote that has numerous slides that control front, center and rear sounds. A small innovation that is nonetheless appreciated is a small blue LED light on the mic that informs the player of when the mute function is on. The headset will be available at the same time for $119.99.

Any PC gamer should be excited for the launch of these products. Not only do they look good, they have many features that aren’t seen in a vast majority of gaming PC peripherals. They are also cost effective which is a major plus in the PC gaming market.