“RoboCop” Reboot: Trailer Gets Very Mixed Reviews

    September 6, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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“RoboCop” was a marvel when it came out; for those of us who were kids when it was released, it was the movie we snuck to watch on HBO because it was gory and full of violence and, of course, ED209. A cop who was part tragic human, part robot who rescued ladies in distress and delivered great one-liners? There was never a doubt that it would be awesome.

The reboot, however, is getting some very mixed reviews. It seems that in Twitter-land, those young’uns who haven’t seen the original yet are excited by the trailer, but lovers of the original range from unsure to downright irate about the new version. Despite a cast that includes such stellar choices as Gary Oldman and Samuel L. Jackson, the choice for Robocop himself–“The Killing” actor Joel Kinnaman–is still up in the air, and the redesign of Robo’s gear is getting some (negative) comparisons to Batman.

Of course, with any reboot there will be changes, and that is usually a good thing; otherwise, we’d just be watching a frame-by-frame remake of a movie that probably didn’t need to be remade. But one issue some fans have (ahem, me) is that Murphy is taken out by a car bomb rather than the thugs that have been plaguing the police force, which seems a bit impersonal. One great aspect of the original movie is that RoboCop becomes a tragic figure that we can empathize with through flashbacks and memories of his own horrific murder.

At any rate, here’s what the people of Twitter are saying about it. “RoboCop” hits theaters February 7, 2014.

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  • http://yahoo Abe

    I thought it looked promising.

  • Scott

    I agree with the fact that a car bomb taking him out is a lot less personal. His wife and kid still know him, even if he is now part mechanical. The original, which I saw in the theater, had him dead to the world, but secretly turned into the robocop as an experiment.
    We didn’t need the sequels, and we sure as h3ll don’t need a reboot. I might end up watching it on BluRay, but there is no way I’m paying $10+ to see it in the theater.

    On a side note, now I want to go throw in the DVD!

  • Hmm

    Two problems with this movie:

    1. It looks like iron man and really seems to follow the original Robocop plot, so nothing will be surprising to the audience. Obviously, i

    2. We are becoming a police state in America where many people feel like the powers to be control everything and don’t care about the people. We now incarcerate more people than under the Gulag system of the former Soviet Union. The Gulag system run by Stalin. Really think about that. People fundamentally don’t trust the police anymore and even fewer view them as heroes. The criminal with a moral compass has now become the hero to many people because too many good people are getting arrested nowadays. On the news, you hear about the extreme cases where the criminal is obviously horrible, but in every day america, lots of good people are getting arrested for small things and people are talking about this. It is effecting a lot of families and families talk.

    Who knows? It may do good at the box office. It has been a slow year really. Although, if it was really a good movie, they would release it around Thanksgiving or Christmas. Not Feburary 7th.

  • voxnulla

    Predictably all the content has been ripped out to make way for easily consumable pulp that the attention span challenged hoards, these movie makers are aiming at mostly.
    The only resemblance to the original seems to rely on superficial eye-candy and even that is easily done away with to introduce some “fresh” look so it seems.
    This movie perfectly shows the sickness in culture, art and society that is rotting out our core essence and humanity. Push away content and drama and embrace shallow bread and games.

  • Borrego

    It’s a fucking new reinterpretation of Robocop, why are always comparing with the 1987 film? It is a completely new film that follows a completely new story line. With this kind of thinking will be China again to save the movie as has happened with Pacific Rim.

  • frankie09

    here is my ratings of Robocop .
    Robocop 1- groovy
    Robocop 2- average
    Robocop 3- go to hell
    Robocop v Terminator vg-kill me now
    Robocop the tv series- what a joke
    Robocop animated series- rocking
    Robocop prime directives – so lame
    Robocop 2014 – give it ago
    Frankie Smales
    smalestv uk