Robin Williams’ Wife “Utterly Heartbroken”

    August 13, 2014
    Lacy Langley
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Robin Williams’ wife, Susan Schneider, took a moment on Monday to express the grief she felt after the loss of Robin Williams. She said,

“This morning, I lost my husband and my best friend, while the world lost one of its most beloved artists and beautiful human beings. I am utterly heartbroken.”

Susan Schneider was in good company as the entire country, and much of the world, mourned the sudden and tragic loss of the comedic genius. Her life as Robin Williams’ wife was full of laughter. He shared that laughter with millions for decades through TV, movies, and his amazing voice talents lent to many favorite animated characters.

Robin Williams’ wife continued,

“As he is remembered, it is our hope the focus will not be on Robin’s death, but on the countless moments of joy and laughter he gave to millions.”

Such wise advice.

Robin Williams was found Monday morning in a bedroom in the home he shared with his wife, Susan Schneider. He reportedly committed suicide by hanging himself. He was 63. His last social media post was in celebration of his daughter Zelda’s birthday:

Robin Williams’ wife became Mrs. Williams in October of 2011 after dating Robin for almost four years. They met before his heart surgery in 2009 and she took care of him after the operation.

Before their wedding, Robin Williams had lovely things to say about his future wife on the red carpet of the 2010 Academy Awards.


When asked if he was seeing anyone, he said, “Yes, there’s a person. Very lovely, and it’s been very nice and very quiet.” He continued, “Her name is Susan Schneider. Very sweet. Good peeps.”

Williams took Schneider as his wife a little over a year later. Right before the wedding, Susan said she was “so excited and so thrilled” for the big day.

So sad for her to have to lose her husband so suddenly and tragically. As Robin Williams’ wife, she knew that he battled many demons on a daily basis. However, I’m sure nothing could have prepared her for this loss.

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  • Redphilly

    Why was she sleeping in a separate room?

    • Luanne Blossom

      Why is that any of your business???

      • Andrew Edenbaum

        You are you to suggest that anyone doesn’t have a right to voice his or her opinion. This used to be a free country w/ 1st amendment rights, you myopic intolerant libertard.

    • rjwright

      Easy answer, she was a nurse that worked days and slept at night. He
      slept days and worked the stage at night and came in the house during
      the early morning. As a consideration to each others work hours and the
      necessity of sleep they slept in different rooms… Also… another
      theory is one of them snored, did ya think of that??

      • Andrew Edenbaum

        I guarantee you that she wasn’t going to work, as a nurse, at 10:30-11:00 a.m., and IF she was a working NURSE, she knew better than NOT to check in on Robin or even leave him alone for over 12 hours.

    • Barbara Stover

      why was that your business?

    • Doxie mama

      Maybe Robin snored….my husband sounds like a freight train when he gets started snorin!!!!!

  • Lee

    Lots of couples sleep in sep rooms.

  • Alessa

    Many couples sleep in different rooms. But, thinking that he suffered of depression, at least she could check on him in the morning, before she went to walk her dog.
    But , it is true, that we don’t know how other people live their lives. R.I.P Robin Williams.

  • Penocea

    Every morning before my husband leaves for work at 4:30am, he comes in to give me a kiss. I would never think about him leaving without telling him “I love you, have a good day, see you tonight.”

  • guest

    She is fake…A curvy, sexy bimbo knew how to trap her prey. He was vulnerable..Looking for love in all the wrong places. He entered rehab to try and help himself. His wife left him alone for over 12 hours.. he was sleeping alone and died alone…he knew he could pull it off without her intrusion…he got her..the whole world knows who she is…..i hope her check bounces

  • Patrick MacTavish

    I think he may have been one of those auto erotic asphyxia victims.

    • MissingPerson

      That doesn’t explain the wounds on his wrist(s).

  • Roberto ClementeCanonization

    Want to know the real story and reasons why? Listen to Robin Williams show on Richard Rossi Live, at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/richardrossi

  • Andrew Edenbaum

    She met him after his heart surgery; knew of his severe depression; knew of his rehab visits; but yet, less than 3 years of marriage, sleeping in separate bedrooms; leaves the day he was found by HIS ASSISTANT , NEVER even checks to see if he is OKAY…….but “he’s the love of her life”…..I call complete bull sh*t.
    Robin Williams was ALONE in his mansion with his wife not caring 1 iota about his health. She “thought” he was still sleeping ? Please, are you people so freaking stupid or gullible.
    He needed HIS WIFE to be with him. Watch over him. Get him through this depression. He kills himself while she’s home tending to herself.
    Media again has it wrong. Actions speak louder than words. Her actions said “I don’t give a damn”. Where was she running to the next day AFTER he had already killed himself. Not to work. Don’t see him for over 12 hours; don’t hear from him for over 12 hours. Love of your life ? Garbage.

  • Andrew Edenbaum

    Married LESS THAN 3 YEARS.Want to sleep in separate rooms while you KNOW he’s severely depressed, if not suicidal. Don’t even check on him before she goes galavanting. I’m certain she never helped his depression and/or vulnerability. Sickening.

  • Andrew Edenbaum

    Article by a 21 year old celebrity wannabe. Vacuous as the day is long. She knew he was battling demons on a daily basis, but didn’t look to see if he was okay. Just maybe she should never have left him alone. Lacy Langley, another idiot Google contributor.

  • Robert Larson

    I loved Robin Williams’ acting and humor. He was so quick with his jokes. Mr. Williams was a wordsmith and I would like to point out the fallowing:

    He lived to be 23032 days on this Earth. This is also a “palindrome”. Was he aware of this? Did he plan to end his life and thus give some meaning to his death? Was he being humorous till the end, a sort of “palindromic comic”. You decide…