Robin Williams' "The Crazy Ones" Pilot Draws 15.6 Million Viewers


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Its been quite some time since veteran Hollywood actor, Robin Williams, graced the world with his presence on the small screen in "Mork and Mindy," over 30 years ago. But, now he's back with what looks to be yet another hit in CBS' "The Crazy Ones."

"The Crazy Ones" centers around Williams, who plays Simon Roberts, the owner of Roberts and Roberts Advertising Agency, and actress Sarah Michelle Gellar, who portrays his daughter, Sydney. Sydney is employed at her father's agency, and the show captures their world in business and advertising. But, things gets quite interesting with the contrast in the two characters.

While Syndey is highly conservative, reserved, and practical in a world that is primly organized slightly to perfection, her father is...well... a bit different. He's quite weird to be exact, which is why Williams is expected to shine in his role. Constantly in trouble, making minor professional slip-ups, and spewing off at the mouth, her father is a bit of a hand full. Syndey is laudably efficient in her role as creative director, but she's also has to be just as proficient in parenting her mischievous father. The relationship dynamic and comedic banter between the two definitely bring the show to life.

Williams' immense return to the small screen has actually brought a competitive edge to the table for Michael J. Fox's new self-titled show, which raked in an impressive 7.2 million viewers. In an exclusive USA Today interview, Williams weighed in on his sentiments toward his character Simon Roberts. The "Mrs. Doubtfire" actor said that Roberts actually reminds him a lot of himself. "I think he's had a very interesting life, multiple marriages, rehab. He's an idea guy trying to be relevant in these times. In an age of social networking, he's trying to catch up, literally."

According to IMDB, CBS has only ordered a pilot, and five episodes, but from the looks of the numbers the pilot episode garnered, Williams is definitely here to stay.

Image via Wikimedia Commons