Robin Thicke’s Trouble With Paula


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Robin Thicke has desperately tried to get his ex-wife Paula to get back together with him. He has gone out of his way to dedicate songs and performances to her and even recently named his new album after her.

Paula has made it pretty clear that she is not ready to get back together with Thicke and may not ever be.

That hasn’t stopped him from trying and he continues to express his feelings for her in odd ways.

Some people wonder if Thicke is really as desperate to get Paula back as he seems or if he is only putting on an act to gain publicity.

His career hasn’t been going well and his album sales have continued to drop.

Paula may not have anything to say about Thicke’s attempts to get her back or even acknowledge them, but 1-800-FLOWERS sure has taken notice. They have even created a Robin Thicke-inspired bouquet called the “get her back bouquet.”

The website described the bouquet by saying,

"Looking for a guaranteed way to get her back? Send our lush and luxurious bouquet of 100 romantic premium long-stem red roses! Inspired by Robin Thicke’s hit single, this spectacular rose arrangement is artistically hand-designed by our expert florists to help you express your feelings perfectly."

As if Thicke wasn’t having enough problems with the woman Paula, his album Paula is also giving him trouble.

In the United States, less than 35,000 copies of the album sold and in the UK only 530 copies sold.

The album did even worse in Australia, where not even 25 copies sold.

Do you think Thicke is taking the Paula thing too far and is that the reason his career is currently in a downward spiral?

Image via Wikimedia Commons