Robin Thicke’s Dad Alan Has Advice for His Boy

    August 9, 2014
    Mike Tuttle
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Robin Thicke has seen his share of scandal in the past year. Most recently, his split woes from Paula Patton have become the stuff of tabloid dreams. Robin has gone to great length to woo his wife back. It’s had to blame him, considering how long they’ve been together. Thicke met her when they were 14, started dating when they were 16, and were married almost nine years.

Robin’s dad is even more famous that his son. Alan Thicke played the dad, Jason Seaver, on ABC’s Growing Pains for seven seasons. Even though he is Canadian, he joins an exclusive list of what are considered all-American dads, which includes Ward Cleaver from Leave It to Beaver, Steve Douglas of My Three Sons, Heath Huxtable of the Cosby Show, and Al Bundy of Married With Children.

Caroline Presno interviewed Alan Thicke about his parenting views, and managed to get some words of wisdom from him for Robin.

“My advice to Robin is listen to your heart, do what you feel. Follow your heart in love and marriage as you would in careers and you’ll be fine. Robin has a great heart. He’s a fabulous father. He obviously followed his heart in creating and devoting an entire album to Paula and I believe you can’t go wrong that way.”

Alan Thicke’s parenting style is low-pressure but very close. He is very involved with them, but leaves their personal decisions to them.

“My kids would say [I’m] too laid-back, permissive and trusting. I was not strict at all and occasionally that bites you in the butt. But generally speaking, I’m pretty happy with my kids.”

“[M]y relationship with my sons is very close. I’m in touch with or engaged with at least one of them every single day. Worst case scenario it’s every third day for any one of those kids… I try not to micro-manage and have a bit of a don’t ask, don’t tell approach that relates to [younger son] Carter’s sex life at least… [W]e talk about respecting women and being faithful in relationships… no surprise pregnancies… and STD’s.”

Thicke is more concerned about protecting his kids’ privacy in this day of rampant social media and paparazzi stalking. He recognizes that his kids have “many more things to make decisions about and to censor themselves about.”

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  • Pricilla Williams

    Alan Thicke giving advice to his son…..that is the problem….he was a serial cheater and pervert….ewwwww

    • Cathy Proffitt Marsh

      How do you know that

      • Bonnie

        Thank you Cathy for saying that everybody is bashing Alan Thicke he seems like a nice man and a good father.

        • Herekittiez

          I agree with you Lisa, you can only teach your kids so far. Once they make a mistake on their own, it’s up to them to redefine themselves and learn from their own mistakes, ON THEIR OWN.

    • $112079337

      How would you know such a thing? You just said that for no reason. How sad.

    • dorisbaldwin

      STOP your insignificant gossip…We are commenting on Robin Thiche..Not Allan..anyway..all of us have made mistakes..you are not perfect..if you were..you would not be here responding to an ordinary post…your comments are not appreciated…..!!!!

    • Nikki

      I agree. Alan was a serial cheater, Robin said so himself. However that does not have anything to do with Robin’s issues. If anything he should have learned from his dad’s mistakes. Robin said that he did not want to be like his dad in that regard so apparently he did learn. Everyone has shortcomings. The men who man the worse husbands can still be great dads. Alan’s shortcomings have little to do with his parental abilities.

      • Cris

        Part of being a responsible parent is teaching your children how responsible adults behave.

  • Venus1

    Let’s see….he devoted an entire album to his wife?! Check!…but the reasons why he devoted an entire album to his wife IS the issue, right?! This great dad and this man with a great heart thought it was “fun” and “cool” to grab another woman’s behind in a photo that had a mirror behind them to show ALL the details. He was inappropriate and down right immature!! This is not funny and yes we make mistakes in life but this isn’t the first time his hands and oh yeah, lips has wander. Seems to me he has a chronic problem that men are conditioned to think is okay and socially acceptable because it is all in jest and fun. Better yet, “it is what a man does”. I wonder what Robin would do or think or feel if the tables were turned!! I have NO sympathy for him because he knew what he was doing and honestly did not think he would be found out. However Mr. Dillweed did not notice the massive mirror behind him!!! You made your bed Robin now you have to sleep in it but with hands like yours, I’m sure you’ll find someone to cozy up too real soon. You can’t have your cake and eat it too and think there will be no recourse or better yet have a wife who clearly knows her boundaries and are willing to stand behind them because she respects herself. Maybe you can learn some of that for yourself in the future.

    • Herekittiez

      We know his hands were twerking with Miley. Lord knows how low he’ll stoop. You have to be really low, to get caught twerking on stage with a GIRL like miley. I emphasize the word GIRL on her, cause she certainly is NOT a lady.;)

    • Herekittiez

      Also, if he had such a GREAT heart, he wouldn’t of cheated on his wife.

  • Excelerater

    Thicke’s music is a let down,kid should find a day job

  • Herekittiez

    Thicke fails, in the music industry. He should give up his day job and try acting, imo. Stop hanging around with losers like Miley Cyrus and start acting like a real man. That’s why your wife dumped you, imo.

  • Herekittiez

    Robin’s dad is even more famous that his son. Dear Mr. Author, I think you meant to say THAN not THAT.

  • dorisbaldwin

    Like Robin’s Dad’s advice..follow your heart..
    …no one is perfect..not even you…This man loves you and your son…Great guy..very handsome..financially stable…whats there not to like…Paula..you guys were great together..so put pride aside and recouple..and rememeber..usually the grass is scorched on the other side…Take Care