Robin Thicke Should Put Down The Mic And Get A Clue


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Paula, the latest album by Robin Thicke, managed to sell an abysmal 25,000 copies in the United States. A quick look around the world and you'll see that the response is even grimmer abroad.

In the United Kingdom, Thicke sold just 530 copies of Paula.

How did Thicke fare in Australia? Well, in order to place on their sales chart, you have to sell a minimum of 54 copies. Thicke’s newest album couldn’t even make that happen.

It is pretty much official at this point: Robin Thicke’s Paula is set to be the biggest flop of the year.

Apparently Paula Patton isn’t the only one sick of the “Blurred Lines” singer; the general public is over his “Poor Man’s Justin Timberlake” shtick as well.

This is terrible news for Thicke, who was riding high only a year ago off the success of his smash hit.

Though a number of women consider “Blurred Lines” an anthem for misogyny and date rape, the song boasted a catchy beat and a music video with "viral internet sensation" potential.

While “Blurred Lines” may have been mildly disturbing, “Get Her Back” is just all kinds of creepy and cringe-worthy. Both videos contain nudity, but only one gives off stalker-ex vibes.

Robin Thicke is a talented singer who had the potential to be a star, but it’s looking like he's hitting 14:59 out of his 15 minutes. If he has any desire for longevity, it is long past time that he got a clue.

Paula Patton dumped him. Though the separation was public, there was no need to turn his “crusade” public as well. There was sure as heck no sensible reason to dedicate an entire album to the embarrassing situation.

Thicke simply does not possess the level of originality and depth of soulful talent to pull off an album about lost love.

And given the poor sales, it’s clear that no one really cares anyway.

Thicke, put down the mic and pick up a phone. Call Paula Patton or hell, call a marriage counselor.

Just please...PLEASE...leave the rest of us out of it!

Image via Wikimedia Commons