Robin Thicke Called “Desperate” By Singer Jason Derulo?

    August 4, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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What do you call a man who names his album after his estranged wife—an album featuring a rather creepy stalkerish music video and single titled “Get Her Back”?

If you’re R&B singer-songwriter Jason Derulo, only one word really comes to mind.


When referencing the rather public campaign of Robin Thicke to get back with wife Paula Patton, Derulo said, “I think when somebody’s desperate, they’re desperate.”

However, it’s not like the 24-year-old musician doesn’t understand where Thicke is coming from.

“As a musician, as a songwriter, that’s what we do,” said Derulo. “We put our hearts on our sleeves and what’s ever on our mind we just go to our safe zone, which is writing songs.”

Derulo said that he spoke with Thicke recently. Though the two “aren’t the best of friends”, he definitely sympathizes with the dejected singer.

“…You can tell when somebody is in dire need of having that special person back. And I think that’s all it is.”

Robin Thicke’s album Paula was perhaps meant to be that musical equivalent of his entire soul laid bare.

But neither Patton nor the public were having any of it.

In addition to the music failing to move his estranged lover, it has performed terribly on the charts.

With his career on the ropes and his marriage potentially down for the count, what is left for Thicke to do?

He seems to be close to admitting openly that his efforts to regain the favor of his 38-year-old wife have fallen flat.

And even if he isn’t, the sale of their home seems to signal just that.

Many onlookers are expecting that the announcement of a divorce will be coming any day now.

It’s hard to believe how fast things changed for Thicke in a year’s time, but then where success and celebrity relationships are concerned, it’s never wise to take anything (or anyone) for granted.

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  • CTD

    I feel bad for him because I think he let things get out of hand not realizing that a woman has her limits and sometimes there’s just no turning back. I applaud him because I think it took a lot of courage to let everyone know I messed up. People don’t seem to understand that celebs aren’t above making some of the same mistakes as the rest of us. The only difference is there laundry is hung out for the public to see. I wish him nothing but the best.

    • Sandi

      CTD, not sure if you are a female or a male but when Robin was OPENLY making out with random females and the picture of his hand up this girls dress and laid promptly on her butt cheek is not JUST letting things get out of hand and NOT realizing it. He had hooked up with this girl and there are pictures of them making out so obviously he felt comfortable grabbing her thong. ARE YOU FKING KIDDING ME??? She kicked him to the curb FINALLY. He has been exhibiting this type of behavior for a while and now he can move on because she wants no part of it any more and GOOD FOR HER! Also, they have been together since High School. Way too young and the relationship has run its course. Too bad they had to have a child a few short years ago. Not fair to the cute little baby they had.

  • Longwalker

    ..Robin, now you should lighten up a bit to see which way Paula will move – give her some room to think and respond.

    • Sandi

      She has already showed her card and which way she is going to move. Are you guys KIDDING ME. After what he did to her and it wasn’t just once, twice or 3 times. She has been putting up with his infidelities for a while and when Blurred Lines happened that turned and already monster in to a beast. She WON’T be back and I would bet money on it and good for her!

      • anna

        I don’t think that had anything to do with it, she’s just a spoiled bitch that’s all.

  • CTD

    Ultimately it’s her decision, not yours or mines. I’ve heard that had an open marriage so who knows what really went on in their marriage. Did he take it too far , probably so, but I personally don’t like to play judge and jury with someones marriage that’s not my own.

  • Dora Glasberg

    He’s MORE desperate for a career.
    Another one hit wonder.
    Stealing from Gaye and daddy’s show biz connections

  • Fozziedabear

    I disagree with Derulo….a desperate person is a dangerous person.

    • anna

      I disagree.

  • Guest

    I dont know how Robin Thicke could royally eff up his career like this. He just came off that hot track with Pharell. Seems like he shot himself in the foot.

  • anna

    Paula’s nothing but a rotten spoiled bitch. I’ll take you Robin if she don’t. What does she want? A guy who beats her black and blue? A drunk? Well Paula, good luck. You didn’t know how good you had it & your son will be screwed up from the divorce. Way to go Paula, you messed this up big time!

    • Jon

      Lisa, you do know it’s only a few short steps from what you’re proposing Paula do to the accepting a guy who beats the woman black and blue right? Both women who stay in relationships where they are being habitually abused emotionally and physically have the same traits. While I’m all for reconciliation if true repentance is shown, Paula may have reasonably had enough, while your defense centers on Robin’s fame and attractiveness. Your last comment proves this (especially calling Paula names as if she’s the one who wronged Robin, not the other way around). And I’ll answer for Paula based off of the options you gave her. Paula doesn’t want a player for a husband, so she definitely doesn’t want an abuser or a drunk. She wants a good man that’s faithful and will love and respect her. Same thing you or any woman should want.