Robin Quivers of the Howard Stern Show May Have Cancer

    May 14, 2012
    Rich Ord
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Robin Quivers, the co-host of the Howard Stern Show, announced on air this morning that she may have cancer. She has an appointment today with a specialist to determine if a growth she has pressing on her bladder is cancerous or not.

Over the weekend while travelling she came to the realization that while she had the urge to urinate, her body wasn’t releasing any fluids. She frantically went to an Urgent Treatment location hoping to gain quick relief. They inserted a catheter which involves a tube connecting to the bladder and a plastic bag holding the urine attached to her leg. She then went to a local hospital where they conducted a CAT scan of her abdominal area. The radiologist found a grapefruit sized growth pressing on her bladder causing a complete blockage and making urination impossible. Remarkably she was on SiriusXM radio live with Howard Stern at 6 AM today.

Quivers was in good spirits and even related her own TSA horror story. On the way back to New York she walked through the security scanners causing the alarm to go off. During a special screening she had to tell the female TSA agent that she had a colostomy bag attached to her leg.

Stern joked that he would quit Sirius if Robin dies! He also did a humorous impression of his parents on their reaction of possibly listening to the live broadcast and hearing that Robin might have cancer. He mimicked his father saying, “What…. Robin has cancer!

  • dave plofus

    Robin is incredibly healthy,I think she will handle this,she just may not be able to jet set off to Rome one weekend & Peru the next for awhile.

  • john

    Robin is very unhealthy thanks to quack con artists and fad diets. coffee enemas and drinking sludge.

  • join the revolution

    Cancer attacks anyone, healthy or not. In most cases it is hereditary. A wise reason to stop smoking. Good luck, Robin.

  • Hugh Jasole’

    as an avid listener, SHE DID NOT SAY SHE MAY HAVE CANCER, she had only mentioned that there was a growth which could be anything. It wasn’t until the following show that she disclosed that the growth was “Grapefruit sized”, Howard asked if she wanted to discuss, and she said that she would rather not. She went on to say that the procedure required, and the outcome are not life threatening, but she does not desire them. The show is about their lives, and their views of the world (with an occasional hot chick, or sibean ride, lol), and if it is something that serious, they will share it with us (look at how they honestly, yet respectfully disclosed what was going on with Artie Lange). So let’s not go speaking cancer onto people, let’s just wait for Robin to tell us what’s going on……by the way, they’re on Sirius XM, get the show, Howard isn’t as creepy as you all think, watch AGT, “get that poison out of your system” (inside show joke).

  • Farblo

    This article is garbage. BS headline and sh-ttily written.

  • Tom


    It is incredibly irresponsible of you to put words in Robin Quiver’s mouth regarding her condition. You must be very desperately trying to keep your job by drawing attention to yourself by exaggerating the truth. Yes, I am a fan of Robin and feel that you have done her a major wrong doing here and I politely request a retraction in her defense.

    Tom Metz

  • Michael

    As an avid listener, Robin did say that this growth could be any of several things ranging from not serious to cancer. Yes she mentioned that it could possibly be cancer.

  • Margaret O’GRady

    We can be very hopeful that Robin just has a (non malignant) and enlarged fibroid in her uterus and that is all it is. Easy to get her back to normal. Positive thinking all!

  • Paul Sandberg

    This article is ridiculous, the headline is alarmist, the writing is poor. Stern didn’t ‘joke’ that if she died he would quit, he was being serious. Rich, you’re stupidity is evident.