Robin Gibb Coma: Bee Gees Singer May Not Have Long To Live

    April 16, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Bee Gees singer Robin Gibb, who has battled colon and liver cancer over the past several months, is now in a coma, and his serious condition has doctors preparing his friends and family for the worst.

The 62-year old contracted pneumonia recently and is being cared for in a private hospital in Chelsea, where friends and family are at his side. The illness has generated a lung infection, which has those closest to him worried. His son, R.J. Gibb, issued a statement about his condition.

“As a lot of people who’ve had family members or friends who have been through a cancer bout know, there are a lot of periphery problems afterwards that you have to deal with. He will have to keep scrutiny on this for his entire life and, God willing and we’re all praying for him, he comes through and makes a speedy recovery.”

Gibb announced in February that his health was on the rise and was hopeful that the cancer had gone into remission; he’s been working with his son R.J. for months on a new symphonic piece for the 100th anniversary of the Titanic disaster entitled The Titanic Requiem and had planned to see it’s premiere recently, but illness forced him to miss it.

“The one place he really wanted to be in two and a half years he couldn’t be and it was heartbreaking,” R.J. said.

Actor and friend Leslie Phillips said, “It saddens me deeply — poor Robin has taken a serious turn for the worse. I feel very sad if it is true that he has only days to live,”

The Bee Gees were hugely popular in the ’70s with disco hits like “Night Fever” and “Stayin’ Alive”. Those in the younger generation might know of Robin Gibb through Saturday Night Live, where former cast member Jimmy Fallon and guest Justin Timberlake did several sketches based on Gibb and his brother Barry called “The Barry Gibb Talk Show”. Barry reportedly loved the skits and has expressed a desire to be included in future episodes.

  • Ed Tragas

    Robin, The Beatles producer George Martin said Robin Gibb has the greatest voice in Pop Music. I have to agree, GOD Bless you Robin.
    I love you and your voice.

    • Love the BEE GEES/Gibbs!

      The Bee Gees were the greatest group ever! Their music was and is upbeat and fun to dance to! Our prayers are with Barry and his family.

  • traci

    praying for you here in Texas, Robin.. your music has been a part of my life since i was a teen.. thank you for all the beautiful, fun, inspiring music.. xoxo

    • Margaret De Vido

      Prayers are with the entire Gibb family,in hopes for a speedy recovery…

  • http://www.YouTube/BocaTodd Todd Blake Harris

    So Sad.I feel the sadness,and Pain of the Gibb family,and what they have been through.May Robin pull though this.GOD BLESS.

  • http://www.YouTube/BocaTodd Todd Blake Harris

    So Sad.I feel the Pain and Sadness of the Gibb family,and what they have been through.May Robin pull through this.GOD BLESS.

  • http://naturalian.blog.co.uk Mike B

    God bless you Robin, one of the nicest and most talented in Pop.

  • http://yahoo William Jones

    It is so sad that anyone has to undergo such an ordeal and bout with cancer at all. Our hearts and prayers are with you and your family at
    this juction of your life. We pray that God,if not removing this
    deadly disease from you, will give you and your family the strength to
    endure all that you and your love ones shall face. Our love to you
    and yours. May God be with you in your time of need.

  • Eugene Modzelewski

    It was early 1980’s , ” Spirits Having Flown “when me and my wife saw the Bee Gees play here in New Haven, CT. It truly was an exciting night for all ! The Bee Gees had some very powerful songs and there music always brings me back to the good old times when music was indeed MUSIC !!!! We thank you and your brothers for all the fine music that you gave to us( the world).We pray along with others and hope that eases the pain.Our hearts grieve as much as if you were a family member. Eugene & Marilyn

  • DJ ScottyScott

    Robin, you will never know how deep the love of your music is for so many people in the world… now and forever. God Bless you and your family. Get Well Now!

  • Fred W Lachenman

    So sad to hear this,and will pray for his family and friends.

  • Alix

    I have loved Robin and his brothers since I was 6. Robin’s hauntingly beautiful voice has filled my life with his spirituality and love. I send him and his family healing energy so that we may continue to be blessed with his work as there are many more dreams that needed to be realized.

  • Terri D.

    The Bee Gees have given the world unbelievable music and as a family continue to go through one tradgey after another.I will be thinking of the family and hope in their suffering they know others are sending their love.

  • Keith Tyner

    Memories of my youth come rushing back.At the skating rink rolling to your music. Good times. What a gift to all of us. Bless you.

  • Keith

    Brings back memories of my youth. Good times. The voice of an Angel. Bless you.

  • Jethro Hooper

    If Barry Gibb was the falsetto voice of the Disco Bee Gees, Robin Gibb was the voice of claasic rock Bee Gees: I started a Joke, The New York Mining Disaster, and many more. Truly a distinctive vocalist. In his pioneer video album, ELEPHANT PARTS, Mike Nesmith, in a segment called Rock & Roll Hospital, saluted Robin’s vocal style with a condition he called Bee Gees disease. “Kenny (Rogers) has it, but he’s learned to control it!” The brothers Gibb have traveled a rough road, and only the oldest Brother Barry is left in good health. They were a part of my life, and of many, and it is a sad time.

  • gloria lane

    this is so sad. i have loved your beautiful voice since i was a small girl. listened to your music every morning while my sister and i got ready for school. my three brothers got me hooked on the bee gees and you have been with me ever since. hope you are around many more years to come. way too young to go. god bless you robin, thoughts and prayers are with you now.

  • http://yahoo Sheri

    This Family has been a Blessing to this nation and the World! Your Music will go on…. we Love you all and will miss you! We Pray that God will heal you so you can carry on for a while longer! God Bless you all!

  • Kim

    I have loved th Bee Gees since I was 9 yrs old and I will soon b 44, I hav boxes of memorbilia, Im very distressed by Robin’s illness. Im prayin for u Robin and ur whole family, ty for th comfort u hav given me thru th years w ur part in th wonderful music of th best group in th world, th Bee Gees.

  • http://yahoo jules griffin

    Stay strong Robin my thoughts r with you…& your family…….love always jules xxxx

  • http://yahoo julie griffin

    Stay strong Robin my prayers & thoughts are with you and your family…..love julie xx

  • Susan Hopkins

    The world is united in prayer for Robin and the Gibb family. I feel it. So many love and care for you, Robin. Godspeed.

  • Lorie Smith

    I am sorry to hear Robin is so seriously ill, i lost my mom in 2001 to colon cancer so Iknow how his family feels, once again i am very sorry.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Lisa Weiner

    I’m sorry that Bee Gee’s Robin Gibb is in terrible condition. I thought his Brothers Barry Maurice and him were very talented. I thought his brother Andy was very talented too. I wish Robin Gibb would get better. Lisa Weiner

  • Mary Sue

    How inappropriate to put the Jimmy Fallon video under this sad article