Robert Fripp on Business

    January 30, 2006

Robert Fripp is a famous guitarist. He’s in the audience aggregation business.

Same business that Google, MSN, Yahoo, and many companies that appear on TechCrunch are in, by the way. He has a lengthy post on why he chose to do business with Microsoft. It’s a must read for businesspeople, particularly with all this venture capital talk that’s been going around lately. Here’s a key line:

“In business, personal connections are not everything; just, nearly everything.”

Oh, I grok that. It’s why my cell phone number is always going to be on the home page of my blog. You can call me anytime (if I’m sleeping I may not answer, particularly if Maryam is throwing my phone against the wall. Heheh). At Microsoft you always have a personal connection (or you can build one).

I’d go even deeper than Robert Fripp. I do business with people I know and can read and can find in search engines. If you can’t be found in Yahoo, Google, or MSN’s engine, well, how about fixing that particular bug?

Robert Scoble is the founder of the Scobleizer blog. He works as’s Vice President of Media Development.

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